Roots of Emerson – Post 1.03

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Tim goes about his work happily over the next few weeks. Time seemed to just melt away for Tim. Having met Kayla and having her agree to be his girlfriend made him feel like everything in his life was on the right track.

Tim started keeping track of his plants a little more diligently, marking off things about their height, if they had been watered or needed water, and spent time researching the best ways to care for and help his garden flourish.

He continued to keep some of the rocks clear, not only from his garden, but from the community space as well. Sometimes he found useful things like fossils or gemstones in the various rocks, and he happily sent them off to others who had more use for them then he did.

For fun Tim occasionally watches TV. On one particularly stormy day Tim got through his chores in the garden as quickly as he could. He didn’t mind the rain, but the thunder and lighting made him a bit nervous. So to pass the time he decided to watch a little TV, but the lightening eventually knocked out the power in the house so Tim decided to head into town.

As Tim got closer to town the storm started to dissipate. Tim visited a local produce stand and talked with the person running the counter. He sold off some of his produce and purchased some extra seeds that were available.

He turned around to excitedly see Kayla was also in town. Her neighborhood has also lost power, which made sense to Tim seeing as how she lived just a few streets over. They sat down at the picnic table to enjoy the nice weather in town. Then Tim got up the courage to invite Kayla back to his house.

The storm was still going by the time they got back, but the rain had at least eased up some. Tim warned Kayla that he was still working on renovating the upstairs. He figured that sounded better than telling her he hadn’t been able to finish it yet.

They sat and watched Tim’s little tv and he was nervous. Kayla assured him the house was lovely and that the most important thing to her was being able to hang out with him. This made Tim smile, but he couldn’t help but feel it might bother her just a little bit, regardless of what she said.

So Tim turned off the TV and he and Kayla just chatted and snuggled on the couch together. Most of his worries melted away as Kayla reciprocated every move he made. He was in heaven and vowed to finish the house as soon as he could. He would love to have a little more money coming in and made a note to go plant his new seeds soon.

Once Kayla left for the evening that was exactly what he did. Digging in the dirt gave Tim a sense of pride and the fact he was able to have the house he had also made him swell with pride in what he had been able to accomplish. His parents might have given him the land and the unfinished house, but the rest was all money he had saved and earned.

Back inside that evening Tim cooked up a nice meal with veggie he had harvested and kept for himself. He was also able to finally make some headway on the upstairs of the house, getting wallpaper and carpet in the main bedroom and hall way.

Tim spent other days doing a fair amount of fishing. He knew if he wanted his plants to thrive, fish made a great fertilizer, with a little work. He didn’t have the money, or the desire to spend the money he did have, on fancy fertilizers or fish, so he caught his own. Every catch, no matter how small, meant his garden had that much more fertilizer.

Tim started wandering around the neighborhood down some different streets and other areas then he had before. He spotted a magnificent looking tree and took some time to go study it a bit. He had a sense it needed some water and so he went and grabbed his watering can and came back to water it, talking to it a little bit as he went. He almost felt an inappreciable change in the tree, but couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. Tim vowed to come check back on the tree again later.

Every time Kayla’s name popped up on Tim’s phone he was excited. One night she called and said she was headed out to see a DJ at a local club and she wanted him to go with her. DJ’s weren’t really something Tim knew a lot about, but he did want to see Kayla so he met her at the club. He greeted her with a kiss before heading inside.

Kayla looked amazing as always, and they had gotten there a little early so they had a drink at the bar. Normal club music pumped through Tim’s body, and when Kayla thanked him for coming and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek he nearly melted. He flushed and smiled at her, and stumbled out something he can’t even remember. It was one of the first times she had initiated a romantic gesture and Tim wasn’t fully sure how to handle it.

As the DJ started her set Tim watched and listened from the bar area. Kayla ran up to dance right away, this was exactly what she was here to do. She would steal glances back and Tim and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. It might not be his ideal evening out, but he wasn’t going to say he wasn’t having a good time either.

Not everyone seemed to be having a good time, however. There was a girl who came in and started confronting Nancy Landgraab right in the middle of the dance floor. Some people ignored them, but as the fight got louder and began to turn physical both Kayla and Tim decided it was time to get out of there.

Kayla came back to Tim to his street and they settled onto a bench near his house and the pathway that led Kayla back to her house. Neither was quite ready for the evening to end. Tim told Kayla he had a lot of fun with her.

He offered Kayla a bit of a massage and they just snuggled together and looked out at the water. It was a beautiful night, and while the lights started to come on all around them Tim decided it was as good of a time as he was going to find.

Tim lead Kayla behind the bench and took a deep breath. Kayla looked initially concerned, and then confused as Tim slowly got down on one knee. He fumbled a bit for the ring he had been carrying around for awhile. It’s partly why he hadn’t finished the house, he wanted the best for Kayla. Confusion turned to shock and then excitement and awe as Kayla realized what was happening. She slide the ring on her finger and leapt into Tim’s arms.

A kiss sealed the deal. Kayla was to become Mrs. Emerson and join Tim in growing the family and trying to become a success in his farming. The happy couple hung around the bench a little longer as night descended and then Tim walked up the path with Kayla to make sure she got home ok before floating home himself.

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