Roots of Emerson – Post 1.02

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Tim has heard rumors of a girl who lives near him that tries to stay out of the public eye, but spends a lot her time in her yard. A friend of Tim’s tells him they think she would be a great match for him, but Tim is unsure.

Before anything can happen, however, Tim has to get through his morning, and maybe even the next couple of days with chores on the farm. He starts his mornings with a nice fruit salad from the things he has managed to collect.

Then it’s time to go around and collect all the new plants that are growing and taking them to the market to sell to the various people who will pay to have others gather these supplies for them.

Then it’s time to weed and work in the garden. With the seasons beginning to change Tim needs to prepare the plants for summer time and they will need to be checked and watered more frequently.

Tim knows the flea market was on it’s way too town and while this time he didn’t find anything, it’s always good to go down and see who and what is there. Tim chats with some of the people he has met already, checks out the wares but doesn’t see anything he needs right now.

So instead of shopping Tim tries some trick shots at the basketball hoop. He’s not that good at shots, but it’s fun to try and make a basket from outside the fence that lines the boundaries of the court.

Heading out to a bar that evening Tim meets a few new people, but not all of them are as friendly as he has gotten used to. Apparently the flea market brought in people from other areas.

A few days later, Tim walks up to a door and politely knocks. He is nervous and his hands are sweating. He finally gave in and allowed himself to be set up. He is going to meet the person that is supposed to be “perfect” for him. She doesn’t like to go out often, so Tim heads to her house.

Come In….

Tim hears a nice voice inviting him to come inside.

I’m in the back, just walk straight back to the back door, I’m on the deck.

Tim went back to the back of the house and found a lovely girl finishing up cooking on a grill.

She invited Tim to sit down and grab a plate. Tim sat and started to eat. It was very good food. She introduced herself as Kayla. Tim introduced himself and they chatted away through dinner. He learned she was an only child and loved to cook.

As the evening progressed they moved inside and watched a movie together. Tim understood why their mutual friend suggested this date. Not only was Kayla attractive and loved the outdoors, her love of cooking would allow them to put his fresh produce to good use. When the time got late Tim excused himself so he could get home, knowing the morning would come much to early.

As Tim expected, the morning came and he wasn’t fully rested, but he set about his chores happily none the less. When it was time to break for lunch he was brought back to reality quickly when he cut himself making a salad. It would be nice to have a girl like Kayla to help him cook.

His heart skipped a beat when he looked down and saw Kayla’s name on his phone. When he answered she said she had a wonderful time and was hoping he might want to go hang out in a park nearby. Tim was finished with enough of his tasks for the day that he said yes.

Tim and Kayla found a nice bench to sit and chat on. Tim found out that Kayla was, in fact, a bodybuilder. She wanted to be very fit and strong so she could live a long, healthy life.

Tim knew he was starting to feel something special for this girl and so he moved a little closer and took her hand. He looked deep into her eyes and told her he thought she had to be one of the sweetest people he had ever met.

Kayla expressed she was getting a little hungry and Tim knew it was getting late enough he would want to eat again soon himself. Not wanting to have the date end they walked to the near by 50’s diner to see what they had.

Inside they went simple, each getting a root bear float and a sandwich. During the meal they continued their earlier conversations easily. Tim knew he was falling for Kayla, quickly, and he thought she might be feeling the same about him.

As they finished up and prepared to walk out of the restaurant, Tim took a chance and gave Kayla a kiss. She reciprocated and the kiss stretched on. Realizing they were still in the restaurant, and there were patrons probably watching them now, Tim slowly ended the kiss. He looked deep into Kayla’s eyes and asked her to be his official girlfriend.

Yes yes yes! Kayla excitedly squealed and they decided to commemorate their decision with a picture. Tim couldn’t remember having a better meal in his life. They made their way home and Tim went back into his fields to finish his work for the day, but he felt like he was lost in dream.

The next morning was gloomy as Tim checked on his plants and then decided to head out fishing for the day. Kayla called right as he was getting started and asked about hanging out. It killed Tim to tell her he couldn’t but she understood. It was a good sign that they both wanted to spend so much time together.

The house still wasn’t finished though, and Tim wasn’t sure he wanted to bring Kayla over, especially after seeing her house. He wanted to get it a little more completed before asking her if she would be with him for forever. He felt lighter and happier then he had in a long time. He made sure to call his parents and let them know the good news. Life was really starting to come together.

Post 1.01 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.03

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