Roots of Emerson – Post 1.04

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Tim left most of the plans for the wedding up to Kayla, she knew what she wanted, but he was sure to stress that he didn’t want to make it too extravagant. Kayla had always wanted a much smaller and more intimate wedding, so that worked out fine for her. The announcement went out and Tim started getting calls congratulating him, and a few brought by gifts as well.

None of the plans or excitement about the up coming wedding would stop the work he had to do in the garden however. The plants didn’t take a day off and neither could Tim.

One afternoon, with the wedding getting closer and closer, Kayla stopped by the house to hang out. They had both been pretty busy and hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time just being together. Tim was super happy to see her.

It was a lovely day, however, so instead of just hanging out in the house Tim suggested they head into the spice festival that was going on. He wanted to check out if there were any seeds or anything he wanted to pick up.

Both enjoyed the bright colors of the festival, and Tim was able to get some new plants to put into his garden as well. Each of them attempted to eat the curry, although neither of them were able to fully make it through the whole dish.

As the wedding got closer Tim found himself unable to sleep more and more. It wasn’t that he was tired, but he was getting nervous. The house was almost done, and he was pushing to get it completed in time. Still the nerves came, so on those nights Tim went out and did some fishing.

The big day finally arrived, and while Tim had to tend to some plants first thing in the morning he was able to be done in time to be ready for the wedding. It was another beautiful day, and Kayla had made sure everything was ready. As they gathered with friends and family to exchange their vows and begin their life together.

Kayla, of course, looked beautiful but Tim felt like he looked very dapper himself. It was a lovely wedding, and after it was all done they gathered into the house to celebrate with each other a little longer. Food was laid out and they just enjoyed each others company. Tim felt it was one of the most perfect days.

Once the party ended, Tim and Kayla found themselves alone in the house. Tim had a surprise for Kayla and he led her upstairs to the newly finished master bedroom, and Tim was so proud of what he was able to show her, and that night they enjoyed being man and wife.

Tim was very happy with his married life with Kayla and they were finding out new things about each other all the time. Their life started to fall into some general patterns for their day to day. Kayla enjoyed going for daily runs and was working on getting her house sold off, and Tim continued to work in his garden and fishing during the day.

Fall settled in and Tim’s garden was changing over to fall plants again and Spooky Day was on it’s way as well. Tim wanted to decorate and have candy ready for if any trick or treaters came by. Kayla suggested they dress up too. Tim worked on get the house all decorated before the big day and felt it turned out great.

When Spooky Day finally arrived everything was ready and while the main part of the day went by like it normally would, that evening Kayla and Tim dressed up into costumes to great the trick or treaters that came by.

As the evening wound down Tim found himself picking up around the house while Kayla went upstairs to start getting ready for bed. After Tim was done he head upstairs himself where he found Kayla on the bed with news to tell him.

Tim was over the news with the news that Kayla was expecting. He had wanted a family of his own so bad. He had told Kayla about his desire to have both a son and a daughter to help carry on the family, so when Kayla told him they would bringing the first of those into the world he was over the moon.

Tim had started working on getting any of the final pieces of the upstairs completed, and luckily one of those rooms was set to be a nursery, so Tim decided to focus on that one first. Kayla had also started sharing some of the new with her friends as well.

Everyone she told was thrilled for her, knowing she had been worried she would never find anyone to share her life with, and now she was going to have a family of her very own. Kayla was so happy to have found Tim, or really to have had Tim find her. She felt safe and happy here in their house starting their lives together.

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Roots of Emerson – Post 1.03

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Tim goes about his work happily over the next few weeks. Time seemed to just melt away for Tim. Having met Kayla and having her agree to be his girlfriend made him feel like everything in his life was on the right track.

Tim started keeping track of his plants a little more diligently, marking off things about their height, if they had been watered or needed water, and spent time researching the best ways to care for and help his garden flourish.

He continued to keep some of the rocks clear, not only from his garden, but from the community space as well. Sometimes he found useful things like fossils or gemstones in the various rocks, and he happily sent them off to others who had more use for them then he did.

For fun Tim occasionally watches TV. On one particularly stormy day Tim got through his chores in the garden as quickly as he could. He didn’t mind the rain, but the thunder and lighting made him a bit nervous. So to pass the time he decided to watch a little TV, but the lightening eventually knocked out the power in the house so Tim decided to head into town.

As Tim got closer to town the storm started to dissipate. Tim visited a local produce stand and talked with the person running the counter. He sold off some of his produce and purchased some extra seeds that were available.

He turned around to excitedly see Kayla was also in town. Her neighborhood has also lost power, which made sense to Tim seeing as how she lived just a few streets over. They sat down at the picnic table to enjoy the nice weather in town. Then Tim got up the courage to invite Kayla back to his house.

The storm was still going by the time they got back, but the rain had at least eased up some. Tim warned Kayla that he was still working on renovating the upstairs. He figured that sounded better than telling her he hadn’t been able to finish it yet.

They sat and watched Tim’s little tv and he was nervous. Kayla assured him the house was lovely and that the most important thing to her was being able to hang out with him. This made Tim smile, but he couldn’t help but feel it might bother her just a little bit, regardless of what she said.

So Tim turned off the TV and he and Kayla just chatted and snuggled on the couch together. Most of his worries melted away as Kayla reciprocated every move he made. He was in heaven and vowed to finish the house as soon as he could. He would love to have a little more money coming in and made a note to go plant his new seeds soon.

Once Kayla left for the evening that was exactly what he did. Digging in the dirt gave Tim a sense of pride and the fact he was able to have the house he had also made him swell with pride in what he had been able to accomplish. His parents might have given him the land and the unfinished house, but the rest was all money he had saved and earned.

Back inside that evening Tim cooked up a nice meal with veggie he had harvested and kept for himself. He was also able to finally make some headway on the upstairs of the house, getting wallpaper and carpet in the main bedroom and hall way.

Tim spent other days doing a fair amount of fishing. He knew if he wanted his plants to thrive, fish made a great fertilizer, with a little work. He didn’t have the money, or the desire to spend the money he did have, on fancy fertilizers or fish, so he caught his own. Every catch, no matter how small, meant his garden had that much more fertilizer.

Tim started wandering around the neighborhood down some different streets and other areas then he had before. He spotted a magnificent looking tree and took some time to go study it a bit. He had a sense it needed some water and so he went and grabbed his watering can and came back to water it, talking to it a little bit as he went. He almost felt an inappreciable change in the tree, but couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. Tim vowed to come check back on the tree again later.

Every time Kayla’s name popped up on Tim’s phone he was excited. One night she called and said she was headed out to see a DJ at a local club and she wanted him to go with her. DJ’s weren’t really something Tim knew a lot about, but he did want to see Kayla so he met her at the club. He greeted her with a kiss before heading inside.

Kayla looked amazing as always, and they had gotten there a little early so they had a drink at the bar. Normal club music pumped through Tim’s body, and when Kayla thanked him for coming and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek he nearly melted. He flushed and smiled at her, and stumbled out something he can’t even remember. It was one of the first times she had initiated a romantic gesture and Tim wasn’t fully sure how to handle it.

As the DJ started her set Tim watched and listened from the bar area. Kayla ran up to dance right away, this was exactly what she was here to do. She would steal glances back and Tim and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. It might not be his ideal evening out, but he wasn’t going to say he wasn’t having a good time either.

Not everyone seemed to be having a good time, however. There was a girl who came in and started confronting Nancy Landgraab right in the middle of the dance floor. Some people ignored them, but as the fight got louder and began to turn physical both Kayla and Tim decided it was time to get out of there.

Kayla came back to Tim to his street and they settled onto a bench near his house and the pathway that led Kayla back to her house. Neither was quite ready for the evening to end. Tim told Kayla he had a lot of fun with her.

He offered Kayla a bit of a massage and they just snuggled together and looked out at the water. It was a beautiful night, and while the lights started to come on all around them Tim decided it was as good of a time as he was going to find.

Tim lead Kayla behind the bench and took a deep breath. Kayla looked initially concerned, and then confused as Tim slowly got down on one knee. He fumbled a bit for the ring he had been carrying around for awhile. It’s partly why he hadn’t finished the house, he wanted the best for Kayla. Confusion turned to shock and then excitement and awe as Kayla realized what was happening. She slide the ring on her finger and leapt into Tim’s arms.

A kiss sealed the deal. Kayla was to become Mrs. Emerson and join Tim in growing the family and trying to become a success in his farming. The happy couple hung around the bench a little longer as night descended and then Tim walked up the path with Kayla to make sure she got home ok before floating home himself.

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Roots of Emerson – Post 1.02

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Tim has heard rumors of a girl who lives near him that tries to stay out of the public eye, but spends a lot her time in her yard. A friend of Tim’s tells him they think she would be a great match for him, but Tim is unsure.

Before anything can happen, however, Tim has to get through his morning, and maybe even the next couple of days with chores on the farm. He starts his mornings with a nice fruit salad from the things he has managed to collect.

Then it’s time to go around and collect all the new plants that are growing and taking them to the market to sell to the various people who will pay to have others gather these supplies for them.

Then it’s time to weed and work in the garden. With the seasons beginning to change Tim needs to prepare the plants for summer time and they will need to be checked and watered more frequently.

Tim knows the flea market was on it’s way too town and while this time he didn’t find anything, it’s always good to go down and see who and what is there. Tim chats with some of the people he has met already, checks out the wares but doesn’t see anything he needs right now.

So instead of shopping Tim tries some trick shots at the basketball hoop. He’s not that good at shots, but it’s fun to try and make a basket from outside the fence that lines the boundaries of the court.

Heading out to a bar that evening Tim meets a few new people, but not all of them are as friendly as he has gotten used to. Apparently the flea market brought in people from other areas.

A few days later, Tim walks up to a door and politely knocks. He is nervous and his hands are sweating. He finally gave in and allowed himself to be set up. He is going to meet the person that is supposed to be “perfect” for him. She doesn’t like to go out often, so Tim heads to her house.

Come In….

Tim hears a nice voice inviting him to come inside.

I’m in the back, just walk straight back to the back door, I’m on the deck.

Tim went back to the back of the house and found a lovely girl finishing up cooking on a grill.

She invited Tim to sit down and grab a plate. Tim sat and started to eat. It was very good food. She introduced herself as Kayla. Tim introduced himself and they chatted away through dinner. He learned she was an only child and loved to cook.

As the evening progressed they moved inside and watched a movie together. Tim understood why their mutual friend suggested this date. Not only was Kayla attractive and loved the outdoors, her love of cooking would allow them to put his fresh produce to good use. When the time got late Tim excused himself so he could get home, knowing the morning would come much to early.

As Tim expected, the morning came and he wasn’t fully rested, but he set about his chores happily none the less. When it was time to break for lunch he was brought back to reality quickly when he cut himself making a salad. It would be nice to have a girl like Kayla to help him cook.

His heart skipped a beat when he looked down and saw Kayla’s name on his phone. When he answered she said she had a wonderful time and was hoping he might want to go hang out in a park nearby. Tim was finished with enough of his tasks for the day that he said yes.

Tim and Kayla found a nice bench to sit and chat on. Tim found out that Kayla was, in fact, a bodybuilder. She wanted to be very fit and strong so she could live a long, healthy life.

Tim knew he was starting to feel something special for this girl and so he moved a little closer and took her hand. He looked deep into her eyes and told her he thought she had to be one of the sweetest people he had ever met.

Kayla expressed she was getting a little hungry and Tim knew it was getting late enough he would want to eat again soon himself. Not wanting to have the date end they walked to the near by 50’s diner to see what they had.

Inside they went simple, each getting a root bear float and a sandwich. During the meal they continued their earlier conversations easily. Tim knew he was falling for Kayla, quickly, and he thought she might be feeling the same about him.

As they finished up and prepared to walk out of the restaurant, Tim took a chance and gave Kayla a kiss. She reciprocated and the kiss stretched on. Realizing they were still in the restaurant, and there were patrons probably watching them now, Tim slowly ended the kiss. He looked deep into Kayla’s eyes and asked her to be his official girlfriend.

Yes yes yes! Kayla excitedly squealed and they decided to commemorate their decision with a picture. Tim couldn’t remember having a better meal in his life. They made their way home and Tim went back into his fields to finish his work for the day, but he felt like he was lost in dream.

The next morning was gloomy as Tim checked on his plants and then decided to head out fishing for the day. Kayla called right as he was getting started and asked about hanging out. It killed Tim to tell her he couldn’t but she understood. It was a good sign that they both wanted to spend so much time together.

The house still wasn’t finished though, and Tim wasn’t sure he wanted to bring Kayla over, especially after seeing her house. He wanted to get it a little more completed before asking her if she would be with him for forever. He felt lighter and happier then he had in a long time. He made sure to call his parents and let them know the good news. Life was really starting to come together.

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Roots of Emerson – Post 1.01

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Well, welcome to yet another challenge started by me. This challenge may not get updated quite as frequently as others, but we’ll see how it goes. It wasn’t grabbing me right away, but I was also biding my time until the Snowy Escape expansion got here, so I’m hoping that might add some additional fun for me.

So I’m going to try a little something different with this blog and we’ll see how it goes, but I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you like it, don’t like it, think of ways it could be better or whatnot. So this is, if you didn’t already know, a Difference in the Family Tree (DITFT) challenge, which means each Gen has a different set of goals. So here are my goals for generation one:

Generation One

“I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of that in my family. “
Your family was always into the farming deal. They spent their days working hard and asked for their children to do the same. So when you turned 18, your parents surprised you with your own plot of land to continue on tradition. And having always been one to want to impress the folks. You begin creating your own small garden, dedicating your time to that instead of dealing with a dreadful 9-to-5 suit and tie job.

Obtain and plant 20 different types of plant
Get married, but no woohoo before marriage
Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying until you do!
Master Garden Skill
Have and complete one of the nature aspirations

Optional objectives:
Grow a garden with every base game plant in it
Catch every type of fish
Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors”
Master Fisherman Skill

Ok, so without further ado, let’s get this new challenge under way.

This is Tim Emerson. Tim wants to be a successful farmer like his father, and his grandfather before him. Now he has himself a little plot of land to try and be successful himself.

This is Tim’s house. It is far from completed, and right now has just what he needs, but he hopes to expand it and grow a family into it someday. To find a girl who Love the Outdoors like him is his biggest goal. He also wants a little boy and a little girl to raise.

Tim also is interested in fishing and has learned from his family that fish can make great fertilizer for the garden he is planning on building up. His ultimate goal at this point in his life is to be a wonderful botanist.

These are some of Tim’s neighbors and others from around the world. They bring him fruitcake, which he highly dislikes, but he spends time getting to know them all the same just the same. None of the visitors he has met so far catch his eye, although the spellcaster held a bit of a spell on him for a bit.

Tim begins the day after he gets settled into his new house by collecting seeds, fruits, and flowers from all of the wild plants that grow around his land and around the neighborhood. It provides him with some things to sell to some of the local craftsmen and to plant himself.

Tim is a friendly, cheerful guy, and greets kindly anyone who walks by. Tim is always keeping an eye out for the right girl to become Mrs. Emerson and help him with his dreams for a family.

Tim next tackles clearing the rocks from his property. While clearing he finds some fossils, crystals, and precious stones to sell for some additional money. All of this will help him get started on his farm.

There was a special event happening in town the next day so Tim went down and hung out with some of the people he had met. Tim was getting to know many people from around town, but still no one that struck him as the right person for him.

That night Tim had the strangest dream in which a man in a trench coat, who was very pale and cold, came into his house and hypnotized him. He could feel that something worse was potentially going to happen when he woke with a fright and found everything has it had been.

His dreams the rest of the night were haunted with that pale cold figure, although this time, for some reason, he was cleaning up dirty dishes. When Tim’s alarm went off the next day he noticed the house seemed slightly cleaner, but Tim figured he must have just forgotten he had cleaned up. It had been a rough night of sleep.

Besides, Tim didn’t have time to worry about the house might have gotten cleaner, he had to go take care of the small garden he had forming. He would love to get this garden up to a large, flourishing farm, but that was going to take time, hard word, and patience. After taking care of the plants for the day and ensuring the land was still clear of any stray rocks, Tim decided to head up the coast for a bit.

He traveled to the lighthouse up the coast and visited the museum to learn a little more about the history of the surrounding area. As Tim watched out over the waves he thought back about his dreams and how strange they had seemed. Heading back towards home Tim realized he was a bit hungry and saw a local tavern was open.

Tim sided up to the bar and ordered a drink and some food. He chatted with some of the other locals and visitors of the bar while enjoying his food. Tim realized he had spent many more hours there then he intended to and excused himself to head home.

The night passed dreamlessly and uneventfully for Tim and the next morning was bright and sunny and found Tim in a wonderful mood, all thoughts from the strange dreams wiped from his memory. Tim whistled while he worked away on his garden and thought about fishing that afternoon.

Tim was finding his footing and his plants were starting to grown and flourish on their own. He was far from the size of garden he wanted, which should be at least 20 different types of plants, but everyone has to start somewhere. Even a great oak comes from a small seed. The only thing that could make Tim’s life any happier now was finding someone to share it with.

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Hope in Dumpsters: 3 Cases

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Generation 10

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions

Private Investigator
Become Private Investigator
• Complete 30 cases – Done: 2
• Snoop 10 locations – Done: 0
• Write 5 papers on findings – Done: 0
• Reach level ten of Private Investigator Career – Level 2
• Go through 5 garbage and 5 mailbox – Garbage: 1, Mail: 0
• Don’t marry (if you chose) or have kids until Adult

When we last visited our little dumpster diver she had not only completed a beautiful, if eclectic house she had started her life as a private investigator. She has already completed two cases, although they were easy to solve, and has managed to already find her way back to digging through trash.

When we open up the house and do a quick search for Bobbie, we discover she is still warm and snug in her bed. She is dreaming of her life, and more specifically her job.

After she wakes up we notice that not only is the computer broken but the dishwasher is as well, and there is a puddle of water. Bobbie goes to clean up the puddle of water but complains that the rug is in the way. I would think the rug would soak in some of the water, but maybe the leak is just that bad.

We decide to give repairing the thing a shot, in hopes that it can be done without damage and things were going along well, I thought she was going to get away with it, but then suddenly, nope.

She then complains that the food processor is also in the way. Bobbie, I would think if the food processor is in the way it’s actually the countertop it’s sitting on and not the actual device.

Perhaps the food processor was actually in the way of what comes next.


Bobbie awakes from a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE dream where everything in her house was out to get her, all the salvaged items were blocking her path at every turn and death was her end.

So obviously I couldn’t just let her die, and since she had done 2 whole things, woke up and get electrocuted I decided to re-start the save.

When she lightly crawled out of bed and crept to the door to peer out Bobbie saw the smoke coming from both the dishwasher and the computer. She pulled out her phone and rang a repair man.

Bobbie: *thinking* If I get them repaired properly maybe they will like me more.

She slowly opens the fridge and grabs some breakfast and all seems peaceful. The rug remains in place on the floor, out of the way, the food processor doesn’t attempt to prohibit her food making. All seems right in the world. Just in case though, she decides to go watch TV upstairs.

It’s then she gets her first case for the day. A policeman is worried about a hacker hacking into the library computer. Bobbie vows to get to the bottom of the case.

Bobbie heads off to snope around the suspected hackers home and gets to look not only at their mail, but dig through their trash too. Bobbie approaches her job with the up most care, but also the vigor of someone born for this.

She gets the dirt, and the proof she needs, on the suspect and heads back to inform the police of her findings. He is very happy to have what he needs to stop this.

Feeling energized and ready for another case Bobbie heads to the library to use one of their computers. She vows to buy herself a laptop to carry around once she has the money. Sitting at the library computer she pulls up her website to see if any new clients have requested her assistance, and sure enough a little girl wants her help in discovering who used her toothbrush.

The case may not be one that Bobbie would normally attempt to take, but she is still in the process of making a name for herself, and no little girl should have someone use her toothbrush. Bobbie sets out to meet the young girl and get the scoop.

It seems she doesn’t have a lot to go on, but believes there is someone who might know the information.

Client: She might be persuaded to talk, if you know what I mean

Bobbie knows what she means and heads in to talk to the woman. After some idle chit chat Bobbie gives it the straight forward approach first. The woman claims to know nothing, so Bobbie tries to grease her palm a little, not getting much out of her still.

Deciding it’s all to plausible there is no information to get, Bobbie heads back to the little girl, and discovers it was all a ruse. Something to get Bobbie to hand over her cold hard cash. Well, jokes on her, she didn’t give much money to the woman but she got back her entire fee.

With the afternoon feeling like a bit of a bust Bobbie goes to the festival in town and takes a picture in the photo booth and looks around before heading home for the night.

That night Bobbie once again dreams about her work. She dreams of getting the evidence.

Swimming through anything she has to to….

In order to get the dirt she needs. Even if that means digging through more trash… is what she is good at after all.

Bobbie wakes up the next morning still a little wary of her house, but in better spirits and decides to spend the cool morning working on her logic skill.

While practicing Bobbie receives wonderful news from the agency. They are very happy with her work so far.

When the phone call comes in with a case Bobbie is ready to handle it. This is a case of love, or rather a determination of if it’s love. The client’s name is VJ and he want to propose, but doesn’t want to make a fool of himself. So he asks if we can snoop around.

Bobbie talks with his family, none of whom think very highly of this girl. Either she is not someone VJ should be with, or they are very particular, possibly closed-minded about their boy.

Since it is difficult to learn anything definitive from his family, other than their dislike of the girl, Bobbie takes a different approach. Hacking into the girls computer. Her social media pages, her email, anything that might give a hint of what she things of VJ.

The news was not good. This girl didn’t love VJ. Turns out his family was probably right. She thought nothing of him, talked about him to no one and seeming didn’t care. Bobbie brought the news back, closing out her file in the process.

Calling it a night, Bobbie heads home, another successful case under her belt. She is now a level 3 investigator and hopefully will be getting tossed a few more cases.

Tonight Bobbie dreams of cooking. Finding that next great recipe.

Making that perfect meal, the best dish.

One that leaves no dirty dishes…..nothing to throw into the dishwasher.

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Hope in Dumpsters: The DITFT Starts

House Tour | Rules | 3 Cases

So here I start with the new portion of this challenge. Last time we completed the Dumpster Diver portion of this challenge. Now we move onto the DITFT (Difference in the Family Tree) challenge. This is a 15-generation challenge (we will see if we get that far) but the generations can be randomized.

For Bobbie, due to the dumpster diver roots, we decided to start with generation 10 and we will move through as we go. Here is the basic information on the general rules and the rules for this generation.


*Have Fun
*No cheats for money and whatnot. (only exceptions is if something wrong happens with your sims and you have to reset them or what have you) 
*For the split gens, you can have both for your heir of that gen (if possible) or you may hand it off to the spouse or even the spare of that gen. Or you don’t have to play it (Some won’t be able to because many of the split gens involve Ambitions expansion)

Generation 10

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions

Private Investigator
• Become Private Investigator
• Complete 30 cases
• Snoop 10 locations
• Write 5 papers on findings
• Reach level ten of Private Investigator Career
• Go through 5 garbage and 5 mailbox
• Don’t marry (if you chose) or have kids until Adult

The reason we picked Private Investigator is because it’s all about digging through peoples stuff, or lives, and that is something Bobbie did a lot of with dumpster diving. Not only did we get a sense for the things many people around town throw away, but also lots about the type of people who hang around the dump.

Bobbie wakes up the first morning, day 22 on this lot in this world and she starts out by making herself some breakfast on the new stove.

I clearly need to get some more lamps in here, like ceiling lamps to help get light in the darker corners of this house. We have lots of small lamps, but it doesn’t always reach everywhere.

Anyway, after some breakfast Bobbie went to her computer (yes, it was pulled from the dumpster) and looked for work. Since we needed to get her into the private investigator career we searched and found what we were looking for.

Then, for fun, we had Bobbie job up to the consignment shop where we spent so much time and had her ‘stakeout’ the place. Not that there was anything for her to discover here, but it’s just such a fun little animation. (Oh, this is actually the dump, but I only did this for a second and then went to the consignment shop.

I did notice it was family day at the dump and consignment shop however. This family was in the consignment shop and a different family with a toddler had just walked over to the dumpsters. You can spy Bobbie just outside the window.

After this fun it was time to do some actual work. So Bobbie went home to her trusty computer and pulled up cases she could take.

The first case she did took her to talk with a gentleman in town and off she went. This job was going to be great for Bobbie. She got to dig into people’s lives, as she had gotten used to doing, but with some more social aspects.

She then had to go do some research at the local hospital on sleep walking. Don’t worry, she’s not at the hospital for any other reason, besides Bobbie can’t even get married for another 7 days.

With this case wrapped up quickly Bobbie took another right away. There is no reason to waste time. We have to get into cases that have us digging through trash, and staking out locations so we can reach our goals.

This one started out with talking to another woman in the neighborhood about her problems. It was then we were told we would need to dig through someone’s trash. That sounds just up Bobbie’s alley.

After learning who’s trash we need to go dig through Bobbie heads off. She had to start out by picking up the guys trash bin, who doesn’t keep their bins upright? Regardless, then Bobbie gets to work with gusto. Look how happy she is to start digging.

After digging through the trash and having a conversation with the man of the house we get the information we need to finish up the case, and so Bobbie heads back to our clients home to tell them the good news.

After sharing the good news Bobbie gets notified she has already received a promotion to the next level of investigator. Happy about her first full day as a trash rummager…errr…private investigator, Bobbie heads to bed. She dreams of her new job.

Where she will leave no stone, or dirty dish un-turned in her search for the truth. Trash doesn’t bother her.

She will research and study, check and double check facts.

Until the truth becomes known, like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

While I leave Bobbie to continue to dream I will say good-bye for now. So far Bobbie had gained her needed career and has gone through 1 person’s trash. She has 6 days before becoming an adult and being able to get married and have kids to carry on this challenge to the next generation.

House Tour | Rules | 3 Cases