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Hello!!! I know it has been FAR too long since I wrote again. Sorry all! Been taking some time with the holidays and just for myself and playing other things, BUT I have some updates played and it’s time to share them! So last time we ended with an heir poll and I’m sure you are interested to see who won the heir poll. So let’s get to announcing that.

Who won our heir poll?

Baby H?

Baby A?

Baby L?

Baby I?

Baby X?






That’s right! You all voted for the first born, which mean I get an entire generation of keeping myself spelling Hjordis correctly. 🙂 The heir poll was pretty close and here is the breakdown of that:

So as you can see, all three of the girls were very close. My vote went to Amarja just cause I really liked her, but I didn’t really have a specific favorite. What’s funny to me about this graph is, Amarja was pretty even on both polls, but my wordpress readers really wanted Lowitja, while my boolprop readers really wanted Hjordis. Xjavier was pretty even amongst both groups as well.

So now that we know that Hjordis is the heiress for this new generation that means the new generation starts right now as Hjordis is a YA currently. There is very little room in the house however, so she isn’t likely to get married right away yet.

We start with Uku destroying our doll house. Why do ghosts do this? I know he’s mad, but I get tired of fixing this thing all the time. Oh well, they won’t be needing it for a little bit. Why is that? You’ll see.

Before that though we learn that Vince has become an elder. For those of you who probably don’t remember, Vince is Kevin’s son, who was Zophi’s oldest brother and our first born baby of the family. Ijtiba is also going through a mean streak.

So the next morning is a swirl of activity as the family prepares. They are heading out on a trip and we are all very excited about it. Where are they going? It’s somewhere new!

Mt. Komorebi was just waiting for me and I wanted to send a family, and these guys specifically so badly! So we updated one of the vacation lots to have enough beds for all of this family and here we are.

The family starts off by having a snowball fight in their front yard. This is the most snow I think anyone in this family has seen, except for perhaps Easton when he lived in mojo’s game.

The whole family went up and while I found it really funny to see Amarja sledding down the hill, it was fun to watch Hjordis and Amarja try out the others. I also LOVE the sledding with their kids!

And then it’s up at the top of the hill to try it all again! There are even some locals here today as well. I really do like this world a lot.

So the girls decided to take a break and hang out together. They get some hot soup from the vendors and vending machines and sit and chat in the sun that is coming out up on the mountain.

The family then takes a hike up to one of the shrines as well. It’s fun that they can do this sort of thing as a whole family event now. I wish there were ways to do stuff like this, maybe not the shires, but just taking a walk or a jog together.

Halix headed back to the vacation lot and the rest of the family went to a little hot pot restaurant that I found. I will probably try to build myself one later, but this was fun watching them make the food and chat away.

Halix is a good mom to all of her kids. I hope that Hjordis can be as close with her kids, and the whole family as Halix has been. There are a few of the spares that have fallen off from the family and I want to try and bring them back together this generation.

To finish out their first part of the vacation the family went to the hot springs, but no one stayed in the hot springs long, instead they headed “home” and enjoyed hanging out by the first there instead.

The next morning the girls started off with Hjordis dragging them out for a morning jog.

Amarja: Ugh, I don’t know why I have to go on this jog.

Because it’s a sister thing and you are doing it.

Hjordis: It’s a beautiful day and we should enjoy it.

Lowitja: If we are going to be out here, let’s get going! I’ll lead.

After their job the girls went back to the hot springs to soak their muscles for a bit. It was a good time for all of them, even if they didn’t start out very excited to do it.

The family made multiple snow pals while on their trip and I enjoy seeing the different styles that show up. Some are short, some are taller, they each of a bit of personality and I had fun seeing what they came up with.

Amarja decided that snowboarding was the thing for her, and by the time we were done she was heading down the “easy” slope without any problems. Ijtiba decided skiing was his sport of choice and was also heading down the easy slope, along with his brother by the end.

Ijtiba even got himself an energized moodlet from a really good ski run. I thought this was super cute. I don’t think anyone else in the family got this.

The family begins to wrap up their vacation and enjoy some time together at the house. It was a very eventful holiday and the family really enjoyed it, but it’s time to get home and actually consider starting the next generation, and get the kids through the rest of their aspirations.

I really had fun on this vacation! It was so cute to watch the family do all of these things together. The next time we are with this family we will see how Hjordis gets to start out her reign as heiress.

Generation 3.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Heir Poll | Generation 4.02

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