Latte Game – Generation 1.09

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Welcome back to the insanity that is the Latte family. This poor family has been through the wringer with these kids, having twins and filling up the house almost completely. Still I love them. Let’s see how things are going.

We start with fun news. At some point (I played this a while ago and just realized I had pictures ready and had never written this) Ukapaniko and Kynzie were in the same room long enough to have another nooboo on the way.

Kynzie doesn’t look overly thrilled to have yet another child to be caring for and who may, for all I know, turn out evil like Yuri, but for better or worse we are getting through generation 1, and this will be baby I.

Kynzie: *sigh* another baby.

Yep and you still need one more to finish spelling your name.

Kynzie: Ugh, why did we put an e at the end of my name??!!! It could just be Kynzi, that’s it, I’m officially changing my name. So this can be the last baby right?

Sorry honey, I set your name up this way for a reason, one more after this and you will be done. Your kids are doing really well!

Kynzie: But Yuri is EVIL!!!!!

Kynzie is working really hard to try and reach her aspiration at some point, but she needs so many followers and fans that I’m not sure the fastest way to get her there. Hopefully we will still have time after all these kids.

Ukupaniko makes a surprise appearance at home (at least in pictures) and has a meal with many of the kids. He is, actually, a good dad, just doesn’t show up in pictures most of the time.

Apparently it was WinterFest here at the Latte house and while this family has very little money to speak of they do manage a small pile of presents and the kids enjoy opening them.

During WinterFest it’s also time for the next toddler to grow into a child. Amazingly enough Nick gets himself Top-Notch Toddler and grows up with the ‘Good’ trait. Now, keep in mind, I roll these when they are born (jobs, aspirations, everything) so that I can hold an heir poll if I want to.

He looks very much like his brothers, and I can already tell it is going to be a chore the older they get to tell them all apart. Still, he is yet another cutie and it will be fun to see how he does. He gets the Whiz Kid aspiration for a child aspiration and we will see how he does.

Later that evening, we see Father Winter sneaking around outside the house and head out to great him. It takes a while to get everyone out to say hi and ask for their present, but eventually everyone gets their gifts.

I cannot for the life of me remember which brother this is, and since they have very similar hair styles I just cannot say for sure. I’m pretty sure it was Kevin, however, as we were trying to get his aspiration met.

As seems to be a constant occurrence in a house this size with this many sims living in it, the sink is broken and it is up to Kynzie to fix it. She is quite handy now, having fixed sinks and tubs over and over again.

The twins are still working on their skills, and do nearly everything together. They are constantly dirty and hungry it seems, but at least food wise they can typically get something on their own. They are both down to needing 2 skills in order to be top-notch toddlers themselves.

How I have managed to survive all of these toddlers and get them all, so far, to top-notch toddler is amazing to me. I am not sure how I would get through it if I didn’t know some of the tricks. Poor Kynzie, however, is not fairing as well and I have not taken as good of care of her as I should have.

I would have sworn to you that this was Yuri at the drawing table working on finishing up his drawings, and I think it still might be. However, the next picture makes me wonder if my notes are off.

Here is a notice that Kevin has met his goals. From the picture though, Kevin should still have glasses, so that has to be Yuri above. Kevin chooses Whiz Kid as a second aspiration, but he won’t ever get a chance to meet it at this rate.

We are very excited when I focus the camera on Kynzie and see this face. That means the newest little nooboo is on the way. Hold on Kynzie, and pray for one.

Kynzie: I thought we could only have 8 people in a house!!!

Oh you can, that is true, but still, it doesn’t hurt to hope and pray right?

Kynzie: I guess not. I still say my name is now Kynzi!

Kynzie heads upstairs as this time she is giving birth at home too. She got tired of the doctor trying to rip her heart out every time she gave birth, so these last babies will be at home like the twins. After a short period of time that felt like an eternity, welcome the newest Latte, Isla.

We have another baby girl, so now Kynzie has 3 of each, 3 boys first, and then 3 girls next. One final baby to go, I wonder if it will be a boy or girl? Hopefully it isn’t twins and one of each, although at that point it wouldn’t be as hard.

Kynzie spends some time talking with…..Zorah…I think. Darn my notes for not having which color each was wearing. Still, I think this is Zorah and we see Kevin (I think) playing the violin a little more in the background.

The poor dirty, very messy, twins head out to the dollhouse to work on their skills a little longer. They are so close and I want to get them fully skilled up if at all possible. I really wish there was a faster way to get kids clean.

I cannot remember if someone had a wish, if it was important for an aspiration, or if there was maybe a skill involved, but during a rare break for Kynzie, she read many of her kids a story.

That night was a very exciting one, or perhaps it was the next day after scouts, but either way, a celebration was in order. Our oldest, Kevin, was growing into a teenager!

Of course, someone grabbed a piece before Kevin could blow out the candles the first time, so Ukupaniko baked another cake. Not sure where he is, but he did make the cakes. That could be either Yuri or Nick (or maybe both, Kevin may be on his way.) It’s very hard to tell with the scouting uniforms on. Either way, Kevin blew out his candles, and spun.

This isn’t the only reason to celebrate either as Isla was growing into a toddler today too. Kynzie went and helped her grow up into a toddler that looks very much like her sisters.

I wasn’t a HUGE fan of what Isla or Kevin grew up into clothes and hair wise, so we sent Kevin over to a mirror and gave them both a bit of a makeover. First we will look at Kevin, here is a before and after of him since the “flames” sort of kept you from getting a good look at first.

His eyebrows look a lot more like Yuri’s now, and I do not believe I actually changed them. I do not remember what his tail looks like, but I will be sure to show you next time. I do believe he grew up without a tail, but that has been fixed.

Finally, here is a quick look at Isla’s makeover in CAS. I think she is adorable and I gave her orange clothing I believe to help tell her apart from her sisters. She also rolled Wild for her trait so orange makes sense for her.

With that I think enough happened we are going to call it the end of this update. I will hopefully have more for you before too long, but I hope you enjoyed this, and I now have university, so I’m tempted to send Kevin there possibly, maybe let the story progression play him there. Time will tell.

Generation 1.08 | Rules | Generation 1.10

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    1. You know what, that is weird. I don’t think I ever really thought of that. They would get a mixture of her “face” but you are right no one got her hair. I think I was too busy trying to keep everyone sane as kids to notice.

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