Latte Game – Generation 2.03

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Welcome back to the Latte’s! We had so much going on last round, birthdays, wedding, Love Day, fame, it was action packed. So let’s get going and see what is happening now.

After tying the knot I realized I never received the notification of have Harvey move in with the family. So we had Zophi invite him to cuddle next to the bonfire and invited him to move in.

They are adorable. This is Harvey Flanagan. He is a goofball, kelpto, self-absorbed sim who is going into the Athletic career and wants to be Fabulously Wealthy. Yes Harvey, let’s get this family enough money to buy that beach house!

Kynzie has been lagging behind in her career and aspiration while dealing with her many children, but now that they are all mostly grown she has been able to focus much more. She reaches a milestone when reaching a few fame level.

Ukupanipo: He’s talking about himself again.

Yes, he will do that a lot. He’s self-absorbed.

Ukupanipo: Well Zophi doesn’t seem to mind.

We get a notice that Zorah is moving into one of the neighborhoods. That just leaves Isla not in yet. It appears most of the kids have moved into San Myshuno into apartments. Nick is the only one living elsewhere.

Zophi and Harvey are ready for some fun, but not quite for a baby yet. I want to get Isla out of the house first before we bring in additional babies.

Since he is in the Athletic career it becomes tradition for Harvey to wake up and go for an early morning jog. He has a beautiful place to jog around.

Isla and Harvey sit down and talk about the latest episode of whatever it is they were watching. Isla is pretty close with most of her family so it makes sense she would want to get to know Harvey.

Ember is still trying to finish up her childhood aspiration. It shouldn’t be hard for her to complete, but getting the time at home and to direct her to do it hasn’t always been easy.

Harvey is our first sim to autonomously make some tea!! Kynzie got this as a Christmas gift and I forgot to put it out for a while, but no one has autonomously used it before now.

I see notification for Kynzie and Ukupanipo from most of their kids all the time. Yuri is about the only one that doesn’t call or text. This makes sense with as much resentment as he seems to hold towards them. He still sends gifts though….so it’s not all bad. This time Nick wondered if his parents wanted to stop by and visit. They, of course, were happy to go see their youngest son.

Ukupanipo: He’s talking to his food now.

I think he’s just smelling it and mumbling about how good it smells.

Uku: No, he was talking to it a minute ago. I don’t know about this guy.

Don’t worry Uku. I’ll keep an eye on them. I can control him if I need to.

Uku: Ok, but I still don’t know.

Zophi was invited by Zorah to have a karaoke night and so she invited Harvey to come join her. They were both so tired, but made a night of it and ended up having a lot of fun.

Ukupanipo needed some charisma for his next promotion so to the mirror we go.

Uku: See this is how one talks to oneself.

Then the day came. It was finally time for Isla to grow up and start to find her place in the world. After a hug from her mom, she went and blew out her candles.

Isla added “Bro” to her Cat Lover and Bookworm traits. She also gained Responsible and Good Manners in character traits as well. She did get an A in high school and is on her way to being a success in life. I hope she has kids! Good bye Isla, I’m sure you will visit!

Not to be outdone, there is one more birthday happening today. Kynzie is officially an adult. I thought she was adult before, but apparently when I gave her the youth potion she was a YA and it wasn’t really needed, but oh well.

The presents were notified and the kids started streaming to the house. It was sort of funny. First Zorah showed up and then a little while later Nick arrived as well.

So the family sat down and enjoyed each others company. Zophi was sadly at work during the impromptu party, but the rest of the family had fun.

Ember was also very happy to see her older brother. She never had much time to spend with Yuri or Kevin, but Nick was there for much of her toddler years.

With that I think we will call this update complete. The family is doing well and now that Isla has moved out of the house it’s time to work on the newest generation of kids for Zophi and Harvey.

Generation 2.02 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.04

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