Latte Game – Generation 2.08

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Welcome back to the Latte’s house. Last time we finally got to move into the beach house made for them quite a while ago, we had multiple birthdays, and Ember moved out, so we have room for the next baby.

So without further ado let’s go check in on the family and see how they are doing with the new house.

So when we spend our first day in the house it is the Spring Day that includes an egg hunt. The kids all get into it right away and the adults have to try a little harder, but we find all of the eggs in the collection.

Welcome Spring Bunny. It was adorable that he came in and played dolls with Pixey while she was playing and getting her imagination up. This might be one of my favorite holidays.

This family loves to spend time together and the new beach house, even though it was cloudy this day, was a great place to gather on the new couches, grill out and enjoy each others company. I think this beach house is going to be great for them.

The welcome wagon came by and Kynzie went out and talked with them a little bit. One of them is clearly a fan of Kynzie’s wearing her signature look.

I then realize I am a terrible watcher and in the craziness of the move and everything else I completely missed that Kynzie’s birthday was here. She is now an elder and is sad we missed her birthday.

I’m so sorry Kynzie!!!!

Kynzie: I’ll be ok, but it would have been nice to have a cake.

I know, I just missed the notice with the move and everything. You could say I got you a house as a gift!

Kynzie: It is a nice house, but why did I have to grow up in the bathroom?

Awww, look at that, Yuri actually sent his mom a gift. He may be evil, but it would appear their talk, which happened a long time ago, might have softened him a bit. Maybe it’s because he is helping raise a kid too. Also, Kendra (Kevin’s eldest daughter) also sent a gift.

There are, most certainly, worse views to have while you are enjoying an evening together. I am sort of jealous of this family right now. Everything is so pretty here.

Zophi was feeling a little dehydrated, so we get a chance to see a very pregnant mermaid. I’m sure being in the water probably feels good on her back, not having quite so much weight carried around.

Oh geez, there is Vlad spawn in the world now. I don’t think I get Zorah’s decision still, but oh well. Her life, we don’t control her anymore, but these kids are getting flagged.

Zax started working on his creativity skill. He’s close to growing up before too long, and not that close to reaching his social aspiration. I have to figure out how to best reach that.

Oxkar goes and plays with Pixey. She is getting close, just needing another imagination and another communication skill before she grows up. This shouldn’t be too bad.

I think Harvey might need more practice with painting. This is what he came up with. It at least sold for more than it took for him to start painting it, but still. It’s a little week.

It’s time for little Pixey’s birthday, and you can see that Zophi is getting ready to pop. Pixey managed to max out all of her skills, so she gets the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Here she is as a child, first right after growing up and then after her small make-over. Boy, she did grow up pretty. Very cute. She rolled the Self-Assured trait, and the Whiz Kid aspiration. We might be able to get her through that.

Harvey and Kyznie come out to help Ukupanipo with the building of the rocket. He only needs 5 updates to the rocket in order to complete a second aspiration, but I don’t know that it will happen, but we can get started at least.

Kynzie heads out with Ukupanipo to enjoy some time out together, but Kynzie ends up staying as she finally gets the second selfie request. She only needs one more, which happens later that night. Finally, Kynzie is down to the last little bit of her aspiration.

When Kynzie gets home Zophi is heading upstairs to give birth to our newest member of the Latte family. This is Halix Latte, the newest daughter. So our trend continues with having 1 sex first, and half-way through the other.

Pixey goes up to meet the baby, and is apparently not happy with having this new little sibling. The boys, it turns out, aren’t either. They will have to get over it because yet another one will be on their way soon.

The boys are getting quite close, and they even are able to become best friends, which fulfills the level of the aspiration they are on. Now it’s needing kids to be friends with, and adults to be friends with too. We will have to see how they do.

Ukupanipo is helping Pixey out with her aspiration, since she needs to play games of chess. We will also need to get her read too, but that might have to wait for just a bit though.

The kids all have dinner together and then work on homework. Pixey, instead of doing homework down here, went upstairs but also did her homework as well.

It’s now Fireworks Day, which includes playing games, so Pixey and Oxkar play some chess, getting Pixey another game under her belt. You can also see grandpa Uku and Zophi swimming around.

Poppers are bought and opened up to mixed success. Everyone was enjoying the day a lot. It was a beautiful day, and games were played, work on the rocket was completed, and additional time was spent together.

Food was grilled, some dancing was had, and everyone enjoyed the holiday a lot. It was a great success and we even got started on reading to Pixey, although we don’t have a full hour in quite yet.

With the rocket built Ukupanipo gets started on updates. He is able to get through two after some time. It’s quite a long process to get through these, but we’ve been taking Uku’s built up PTO.

Monday came and the kids brought home their projects, which the adults pitched in and helped with as well. We wanted to head to the hijinks festival, but the projects were finished first. They enjoyed the festival and learned some new food recipes.

We got a horrible fright when Zophi went to run the dryer and it caught fire. We had been cleaning the lint trap so I’m not completely sure what caused it, but luckily Zophi put herself out as she was the only one awake at the time.

Harvey is the first sim to head down to the beach and do some yoga on the yoga mat we placed down there. I’m happy to see this, and it’s pretty fun to see a sim doing yoga on the beach.

We are going to end this update with Kynzie and Ukupanipo heading over to Kevin’s apartment to flag Kendra who we received noticed had grown into a young adult. It’s weird visiting apartments, we always just seem to be in the hallway.

With that we will end this update, but here is a quick look at some of the cousins that we recently got notices about. The extended family sure is growing.

This is Yuri’s daughter with Hali’a, Yenifer. She is growing up very cute so far. It will be fun to see what is is like as a YA.

This little vampiress is Zorah’s daughter with Vlad. She’s a bit creepy in her vamp form in my opinion, but she’s cute enough. I’m curious what she will look like as she grows up more.

This is Kendra, Kevin’s oldest daughter with his first wife.

Here is Evelyn, which I believed was Kevin’s second daughter (first with his new wife) but she is only Kevin’s adopted daughter, she isn’t a full Latte, but she’s fun anyway.

This little cutie is Kevin’s only son, Vince, with his current wife. They are now both elders and won’t be having any additional children for them, but he’s adorable.

Just for fun, this is Yuri’s adopted daughter, Imani. She is Caleb’s daughter, who you might remember Yuri married last update. That’s all the updates for the cousins though, so we will see you next update.

Generation 2.07 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.09

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