EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.01

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Hello and welcome back to the start of Generation 4 in this EPIC challenge. It’s very exciting that we are already up to gen 4, and hopefully we will continue to be successful.

The teen that Lara met at the romance festival is name Zygo, and he is a teen for a couple more days, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t get the relationship built up yet.

Lindsey has been working so hard on finding the final artifacts. She has one left to find. A vase. It’s a common vase, so you would think we should be able to find it. The family has been passing around the blessing of the ancients and apparently even ghosts can get it.

It was apparently the day for male ghosts to haunt as both Francis and Johnny were out together. I guess we were hosting guys night at the house.

Lara needs charisma and logic for either her aspiration or career. So while she is also jogging each day she is trying to get these other skill upgraded as quickly as possible.

Ferdinando is working his way up the career ladder and he is getting closer and closer to maxing out his painting career. I hope he can do it soon.

Kiana comes out and takes time to meet and get to know her great-granddaughter.

Kiana: She is lovely.

Yes, she is. She and her mother have brought us forward so much

Kiana: Indeed, this house has changed so much.

Zygo calls and asks if Lara wants to come to his birthday, and since that means he is turning into a YA we say yes. He comes over with a caterer. So apparently, we are where he’s hosting his party.

Happy Birthday to you Zygo. Lara is very happy to have Zygo as a YA now, and they are flirting, dancing, and kiss the rest of the day way.

Lara asks Zygo on a date and he readily accepts. The date goes swimmingly and they are soon agreeing to being boyfriend/girlfriend.

Lara decides it worth trying and drops to one knee to ask the most important question she has asked anyone. Fingers crossed.

He says yes, of course. He has been smitten with her since the romance festival. So we invite over Cleo and Zygo the next day to have a quick wedding at the family home.

Here is a look at Zygo after a bit of a make-over, although we didn’t change too much. He is going into the Scientist career. He is Outgoing, Child of the Ocean and Squeamish. Which means we have another squeamish sim, and he gets sad at the mounted fish. This could be fun.

One of the first things Zygo does is head out to the microscope and starts working on getting a breakthrough. Which he does shortly after.

With so many things getting unlocked it was time to make some adjustments to the yard again. We have added a pool and set up a space for the rocket. We also added the rest of the garden boxes for what will hopefully be our expanded plants soon enough.

Johnny’s after life must be getting to him from time to time, as he decided to take a bubble bath, and put some cucumbers on his eyes. I find this quite funny.

Lara and Zygo wasted no time getting pregnant and Lara shares the news the next morning. He is surprised, but happy about the news.

Lara gets started on building the rocket, as she needs to upgrade and/or launch in about 5 times to meet her nerd brain aspiration.

Then, a very quick trip to the jungle is had as we still need that final vase. Sadly, this trip didn’t result in finding that vase either. We went through about 7 of them, but no such luck.

Zygo, even though I missed the noticed, got a second breakthrough and decides to celebrate. I hope the bar doesn’t become a primary place for him to go.

Then, I might not have been ready, but it was time for another set of birthdays. Lindsey and Ferdinando were growing up again. They were now elders and each have about 9 days left. I shall miss them dearly.

Lara, however, comes home with a promotion. It sort of cracks me up that she looks like a “cheerleader in trouble.” as the sentiment might go. I’m happy that she is already gaining some promotions.

With that last look I think we will call this update. Lara and Zygo will have their baby next time, and we will hope it’s another girl. Lara is slowly working towards her aspiration, as is Zygo. We still need that final vase, so another trip back to the jungle will probably happen soon.

Wrap 3 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 4.02

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  1. Lmao, you’re right about Lara’s look. Very much ‘teenage cheerleader in trouble’, especially with the look on her face in that shot. Zygo looks like a fun spouse; much shorter name for you to type than Ferdinando!


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