Latte Game – Generation 2.11

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Hello all and welcome back to the Latte’s. By the end of this update we will be having an heir poll to decide who is our next heir/heiress for this challenge. The book thing is, we will get rid of x next generation regardless of who you pick.

So last update, we lost Kynzie, Nick got married, Zorah got pregnant again, Isla got married, Nick grew into an elder and we attended his party, and Halix grew up into a child, as did Zelphie, Zorah’s first daughter.

Here is the current generation family, as they are just after we start this update (because Pixey isn’t QUITE grown up yet.) We have Halix, then Oxkar, Zophi, Zax (who is holding baby “I”), Ukupanipo, Harvey, and then the grown-up Pixey.

The very first thing that happens as we head in game is Pixey, who has been hard at work on her aspiration, manages to complete it. Just in time too because it is officially her birthday.

Happy Birthday Pixey!! She grew up into a nice hairstyle for her and kept some blue in her outfit, which I decided to keep for her some in her other outfits. Let’s take a look at Pixey post-makeover.

She really is quite lovely, and if I had given her more than an ‘x’ to add to our letters I would probably be campaigning to keep her, but as it is, I think one of the other kids will be a better choice. She added Perfectionist to her Self-Assured trait and rolled to be a Painter Extraordinaire. Of course, since she worked on mental as a child.

Sitting down to a burger Zophi let’s me know it’s time for the birth. You can probably make out the gender in the first photo if you are really paying attention, but Zophi is happy to be done with her pregnancies.

No hospital this time, Zophi is a trooper and gives birth at home to a new little boy named Ixael. This is the final baby for Harvey and Zophi. Generation 2 is complete.

The kids are working on getting their “Get Fit” badges, well Pixey is, and Zax has discovered the yoga mat. That mat is beginning to become popular around here.

Then, because we got the notice and decided to age him up a little earlier than the other so we could get to know him a bit before the heir poll, we have a new toddler in the house.

Here is Ixael as a toddler after a small make-over. Oh my goodness is he a cutie! If he keeps up his cute looks he might be one of my favorites of this gen. He rolls Inquisitive for his trait, and that’s probably good with as busy as this family gets.

I had to remember why I took this photo…..Kynzie decided to “visit.” You can see she managed to break the computer (by using it) and then most of the plumbing in the bathroom. This is the one downside of ghosts.

Zophi plays with her youngest son and they enjoy the experience. Ixael is usually not the happiest of toddlers being left to his own devices. He does like to autonomously watch though.

To try and get the kids their Outdoor badge I send them finishing, only to realize this fishing spot isn’t a good one for that, they need a more common one.

Oh look, Zorah had twins. The O twins, Opal and Orion, are born to Zorah and Vald. They are right there with Kevin in the number of kids so far, and I can only hope she doesn’t keep having them well into the next generation.

I realize I am a terrible watcher, and after sending the kids to get their outdoor badge, which they did and I apparently missed pictures of, we get home and Harvey ages up. I’m so sorry Harvey. I didn’t even realize you were at this point.

Harvey isn’t the only one with a birthday. It’s also time for Zax to become a YA. I am going to play through the end of this sim week so Ixael can become a child, and that will also make Oxkar a YA. Zax doesn’t get any make-over, just an extra outfit added to his looks. He gets Perfectionist added to Loner and Paranoid. He just misses the final scout badge, but he does get Responsible and Good Manners.

Harvey is still only at Fitness level 7, and so he works on dancing his way up the fitness level. It doesn’t seem to tire him out too bad, and then he heads off to swim for a bit as well.

Sadly, right after I went through Uku’s inventory, he waved good-bye. Zophi was just coming back from work and Zax woke up to come watch. I sent them both on their way back to bed. So long Uku, you can be with Kynzie again now.

The girl cousins are all aging up. We will be heading out to flag Imani and Evelynn by the end of this entry. We do not need more Latte’s than nessecary populating the hood.

Halix got up while Grim was still hanging around and he complained about the state of the kitchen. I realize it’s a bit of a mess Grim, this family gets crazy busy and doesn’t always clean themselves.

Harvey does come home with a new promotion. He is at level 8 in his career, and we will see if he makes it. I’m not holding my breath on it. I would just like him to see Ixael at least turn teen.

Kynzie is out and giving her lovely daughter a hug. It’s been very hard on Zophi to lose her dad. Both of her parents felt almost immortal at times, and it’s hard to lose them.

It’s WinterFest again and the family, while still mourning the loss of Uku, decorates the tree and enjoys opening presents with each other. They have a grand meal, and then Beach Father Winter visits and more presents are opened.

The kids do still work on school. Oxkar manages to come home with an A this day, and Pixey and Halix are likely to come home with an A after the next day of school, but it’s the weekend now.

Oxkar manages to get his final scouting badge (good deeds) putting his baby brother to bed with a story. Ixael and Oxkar will grow up here soon, and Ixael needs just a little bit more work on his skills tomorrow.

Halix is trying to get her mental skill maxed out, but of course, right as she sits down at the computer, it breaks. But she is now focused, so it’s out to the potion station.

Kevin’s son, Vince, has also now become a teen. The family has grown quite a bit from when we started with Kynzie in that tiny little house so long ago, although it doesn’t really feel THAT long ago.

Oxkar reads Ixael a final book to max out his imagination, and all Ixael should need to do is finish up movement, which he heads out to the slide to take care of. He will be another top-notch toddler.

Pixey and Ixael are on hand to celebrate with Oxkar on growing up into a young adult. He adds Self-Assured to his traits, and also got Scouting Aptitude, and Responsible. He purchases Always Welcome and Incredibly Friendly to help him with the Friend of the World aspiration.

Then it’s time for our final birthday before the heir poll. Zophi brings her youngest son, and she looks so proud and happy at him after he grows up.

Here’s a better look at him with a small make-over. Ixael is mostly his mom, but there is some of his dad in there too. He rolls Lazy and Social Butterfly for his aspiration. I still have never successfully finished that one, so we’ll see.

It was not just a bunch of birthdays, but it was also New Year’s Eve. The family gathered around and watched the count down. It was a successful and fun day for the entire family.

Aww, a kiss at midnight. These two are so sweet, and I have loved having Zophi and Harvey as the couple for this generation. They are very sweet.

As a final update, Zophi runs out and flags both Evelynn and Imani to not get married or to have children. Yes, they will live fairly lonely lives, but neither of them seem upset by it.

As a fun side note, we stopped by the Straud’s first, as Evelynn was initially listed as being there, and seeing Vald play with Orion was pretty funny, I will admit.

All right, I will have the heir poll up, you can use the links either at the bottom or top of the page and I will also put one up on as well. My favorites are Halix and Ixael, just in part of the letters they would bring in, but I love all of these kids.

Just for fun as I head off to leave you to vote, here is a look at Vince, Kevin’s son and Yenifer, the daughter of Yuri and his lover Hali’a. They are both pretty interesting mixes of their parents.

Here is also Zorah’s twins, Opal and Orion. Sorry that Orion is so much smaller, apparently I didn’t line the camera up as good on him. They are pretty similar and are both vampires as well.

Generation 2.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Heir Poll | Generation 2.12

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