EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.03

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Hello, long time no see, ok well not really. It was just a couple of day ago, but welcome back to the Tripp’s. This family has been doing really well and at the end of the last entry they had moved into a new house (keeping the 5 fully enclosed room’s rule.) We also had little Abby born and grow into a toddler.

Here is what is left for our goals this generation. There really isn’t much, but it will be nice to have some of these other items unlocked.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

The exciting thing about this next generation, and for Abby, is she will have to make a choice. Maybe she will roll something in her traits that makes that choice obvious, but maybe not. We’ll have to see.

We start this update with the knowledge that moving to this new house, and the fact we bought some extra columns at the old house, has put Ferd over the edge of yet another aspiration. His next aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy. I will note that because I decided to not do the mini challenge regarding not using aspiration points, both Ferd and Lindsey got a life potion. I’m hoping to send Lindsey back to the jungle for the final vase if we can ever find it.

We offered another sugar skill and got this fabulously looking fellow as our celebrator. Eventually he gave us a skull. I believe that gives us 3 unique ones.

Then this happened! Yep, Zygo got taken by aliens. The good news is, he didn’t come back pregnant. Thank goodness, we do not need an uncontrollable toddler in this family.

After Zygo’s encounter he reads little Abby to sleep. Abby has been working hard on all of her skills, even though I haven’t taken very many pictures of her doing it.

Ferdinando comes home with his final promotion in the painter career. He maxed painting a while ago, but still was working on his career goal. He has now retired to help take care of Abby and finish his later years away.

Abby is a cute little girl, but doesn’t always get the attention she would like. Everyone is so busy working on other goals she spends a lot of her time jumping from babbling at the bear, to playing dolls, to the slide, to the potty, over and over again.

Ferdinando is really bonded with his bees. He can now send them out to bring presents home for him. So we do that and end up with a couple of postcards, and an element that we didn’t have before.

Lara gets another promotion and has finally reached the branching path of this career. She is going to go into the sports side and not the body builder side of this career. The problem with that is, she is supposed to study opponents, but she can’t without a TV or computer.

This night grandpa Ferd reads little Abby to sleep. I know you aren’t seeing much of her as a toddler, I’m not completely sure why I didn’t take very many pictures of her. I’m still getting a feel for the house.

We realized we hadn’t added gems to all the totems, so Lindsey gets to work on that. We need a few more gems before we can really get all of them done, but they are all put together just waiting for the gems now.

Lara and Zygo are very much in love. I do wish they could have more kids, but sadly they cannot. That doesn’t mean they can’t have fun together though, and they do, frequently!

This is the day I apparently had Lindsey and Ferd drink their youth potions. This gives you a nice look across the dining room into the music and collection area. We still need that one final vase, but are getting close to many collections.

Ferdinando is busy fishing and building up their collection. He has gotten many of the IL fish so far, I think they need 5 more maybe. They still need lots of others though too.

Zygo has also been working hard on bonding with the bees so he can continue to keep them happy once Ferd has passed on. Luckily that won’t be for awhile, but we are getting quite the stock of honey and are starting to sell a lot of it.

Lara is working on her logic skill. It’s the last thing she needs for her Nerd Brain aspiration. So she plays chess and her grandpa Francis visits with her. I love that so many of these family members are able to get to know their ancestors.

Grandma Lindsey takes over playing with Abby. I know I said many of the people are busy with their own stuff, but it doesn’t mean Abby is neglected. This gives you another good look across the kitchen but in the opposite direction.

Up on the terrace Zygo works on the microscope. We are attempting to see if we can get the plant pictures. I’m not sure if there is anything related to specific plants or anything, but we’ll keep trying.

Little Abby gets herself some fruit and eats it on her bed. She has almost maxed out most of her skills, and this good because her parents will be taking a trip soon right before her birthday.

Before that though, grandma is back on the case of helping little Abby with her movement. This house has so much space to allow for the toddler stuff to all be in one corner of the house, it’s so much easier.

A new day and another trip with Zygo to work. This day he worked on analyzing metals and crystals, and has also updated the frost gun to a transformation gun.

All this hard work is helping him head up the ranks further. I know he isn’t speeding along at his job yet, but we are getting pretty consistent work out of him.

This day Lara also maxed out her Nerd Brain aspiration. She has decided to do the Jungle Explorer aspiration, which means she will be heading back to the jungle soon.

Family dancing and eating are a great past time, and little Abby has all her needed skills to grow up. Before she does though I want to send Zygo and Lara to the jungle to see if we can find the last 2 fossils and the final artifact needed.

So off they head. They search and they excavate, but they don’t actually make it that far into the jungle on this trip. It was a fast trip and sadly, no new fossils and then elusive “common” vase are no where to be found. Once Abby is a child I’ll send Lara and Lindsey back.

When we get home Abby wakes up in the middle of the night and grows up. She is sad because we forgot her birthday, which also to happen to co-inside with HarvestFest, not our best holiday this time. Sorry Abby, you will be ok.

She gets a little make-over and looks a LOT like her dad in my opinion. She is rather pretty though, and she rolls the Vegetarian trait. Of course she does! She also gets the Whiz Kid aspiration, but did manage to get Top-Notch Toddler as well. Life so far is starting out pretty well for Abby, minus the forgotten birthday.

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