EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.04

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It’s time for another Tripp….to visit the EPIC Tripp family. Ok, sorry, bad pun time, but it was fun for me. Ok guys, we are working on generation 4 of the EPIC challenge and here is what we are still working towards.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

So really it’s all resting on Lara’s capable shoulders right now. She needs to reach the top of the Athletic career and then our goals are met. We also are working hard this generation on collection building. So let’s get to it.

We start with aliens visiting Lindsey. This is less scary then when they took Zygo, since she can’t get pregnant, but still. They seem to be visiting quite a bit lately.

Abby is working on her logic skills and great-grandma Belle comes to join her. I am wondering if Abby will get through multiple aspiration as well. She certainly is skilling up decently quickly, but with trips to the jungle coming up she might not.

Abby is quite the social little girl really. Since she is a vegetarian I’ve had the adults eat the last of the fish and meat dishes so they can start to cook exclusively veggie options for Abby. I don’t know if Patchy would approve or not. The garden will be nice to still have though.

Since Abby needs to be read too for a couple of house, grandpa Ferd obliges her. It takes a couple of books but then she has reached that milestone. Ferd is still working on the Fabulously Wealthy, but probably isn’t going to make it. We are about 50K off still.

Lara continues to work on the Rocket. Her nerd brain aspiration has been completed, but if we get the rocket fully upgraded we have the chance to get some of the other collection items we need.

She has, at least, maxed out her rocket science level now. That is excited, as she is the first sim to do that so far in any of my games. It’s fun to have the rocket ship.

Cleo is over visiting again and takes the trash out for us. Why thank you Cleo, that is very nice of you. They might not be friends according to the friendship panel, but she is over all the time and has been since she was a kid. I like Cleo.

The whole family sits down for a meal, and even Francis comes out and joins them. I do really like this little family they have right now. They are getting more and more successful all the time.

Abby gets up to autonomously hug her dad. It’s so cute when they do things like this all on their own. I love these guys!

The next day we take the family back to Oasis Springs. With the forgotten grotto opened we send Zygo in to collect things, and Ferd and Abby in to go fishing. Ferd makes some good catches this day, and the collection at home is growing.

Lara and Lindsey head back to the jungle. Lindsey would like to find that final vase she has been searching for her whole life. Lara would like to get the jungle adventure aspiration done. First she does a spot of fishing to catch the jungle fish though.

Doing all this excavating with her mom causes Lara to max out her archaeology aspiration. She still needs to max the Selvadoradian Culture one, however. Perhaps her dad and assist.

Back at the house Lindsey gets a start on uncovering all the dirt clumps that look like they could hold the vase we need. We aren’t authenticating, we can just send them out for that. I just want to know if they are vases.

Lara heads back out on her own, uses a gem on a totem she put together herself and gets through all the milestones. The only thing left for her to do is to get that culture skill up. She’s at level 4 of 5, so it shouldn’t be too hard. It’s now WinterFest though so they head home.

Where a horrible and unexpected thing happens. This shouldn’t have been TOTALLY unexpected, but I thought they had 1 more day. You can see Ferd in the living room, and Lindsey on the beach. They went at EXACTLY the same time. Laid down at the same time, everything.

I rush Lara out to plead for her mom. She wails and wails, but ultimately is denied by Grim. This is going to put a big damper on WinterFest. Lindsey and Ferd’s gravestone are moved to the garden to join the others.

The family comes together long enough to decorate the tree and ask for a gift from Santa. The traditional singing happens, but no one even wants to open presents. They just all go to bed early.

We did, however, get notice that we completed the collection. It’s placed with the rest, and the reward plaque you can see is up there by the display cabinet. At least that’s one fully completed.

It’s now Zygo’s birthday, so he makes himself a honey cake. Technically he made himself 2 honey cakes because he grabbed a piece of the first one before I was able to get candles on it. Zygo is officially an adult.

Abby works hard and completes her Whiz Kid aspiration. Way to go Abby! She starts on the Rambunctious Scam one next, without me remembering she needs to be playful and play on a playground. We’ll see if she makes it.

Lindsey isn’t gone for long, she is out haunting already and Lara is pretty glad to see her. I need to see if she can get more information about Selvadoradian Culture from her.

Lara has gotten into the Selvadoradian dancing, just like her mom had. She’s already pretty dang good, but being a dance machine that isn’t too crazy.

Abby works on her creativity and motor skills respectively. She is doing pretty well on both an I would love to have her get close to maxing out another one. I also have her working on her scouts badges.

Lara has upgraded the rocket enough to visit Sixam, so she goes and does a big collection run. I think I get all of the plants that she can get, we hit it at just the right time.

Spring Fling is here, which means it’s time for egg huts and chats with the flower bunny. Everyone had a good holiday and we didn’t push it on the finding of the eggs, but we got about 6 of them.

I also happened to be Lara’s birthday. She is also now, officially and adult. She is over 1/2 way through the athletic career, and has taken some time off for traveling and other things, so now it’s time to focus her on completing it.

Zygo completed two aspirations, getting the collector one finally done and then nearly instantly completing the mansion barron aspiration as well. He is now working on the Fabulously Wealthy one, but all of this let him buy another money tree, and a couple more traits.

This will end another update with the family. Abby will be a teenager soon and we will see how she starts doing there, and if she rolls a trait that determines which path she will take. She does have an A in school at this point, and is just working on those scout badges.

Post 4.03 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 4.05

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