Roots of Emerson – Post 1.01

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Well, welcome to yet another challenge started by me. This challenge may not get updated quite as frequently as others, but we’ll see how it goes. It wasn’t grabbing me right away, but I was also biding my time until the Snowy Escape expansion got here, so I’m hoping that might add some additional fun for me.

So I’m going to try a little something different with this blog and we’ll see how it goes, but I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you like it, don’t like it, think of ways it could be better or whatnot. So this is, if you didn’t already know, a Difference in the Family Tree (DITFT) challenge, which means each Gen has a different set of goals. So here are my goals for generation one:

Generation One

“I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of that in my family. “
Your family was always into the farming deal. They spent their days working hard and asked for their children to do the same. So when you turned 18, your parents surprised you with your own plot of land to continue on tradition. And having always been one to want to impress the folks. You begin creating your own small garden, dedicating your time to that instead of dealing with a dreadful 9-to-5 suit and tie job.

Obtain and plant 20 different types of plant
Get married, but no woohoo before marriage
Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying until you do!
Master Garden Skill
Have and complete one of the nature aspirations

Optional objectives:
Grow a garden with every base game plant in it
Catch every type of fish
Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors”
Master Fisherman Skill

Ok, so without further ado, let’s get this new challenge under way.

This is Tim Emerson. Tim wants to be a successful farmer like his father, and his grandfather before him. Now he has himself a little plot of land to try and be successful himself.

This is Tim’s house. It is far from completed, and right now has just what he needs, but he hopes to expand it and grow a family into it someday. To find a girl who Love the Outdoors like him is his biggest goal. He also wants a little boy and a little girl to raise.

Tim also is interested in fishing and has learned from his family that fish can make great fertilizer for the garden he is planning on building up. His ultimate goal at this point in his life is to be a wonderful botanist.

These are some of Tim’s neighbors and others from around the world. They bring him fruitcake, which he highly dislikes, but he spends time getting to know them all the same just the same. None of the visitors he has met so far catch his eye, although the spellcaster held a bit of a spell on him for a bit.

Tim begins the day after he gets settled into his new house by collecting seeds, fruits, and flowers from all of the wild plants that grow around his land and around the neighborhood. It provides him with some things to sell to some of the local craftsmen and to plant himself.

Tim is a friendly, cheerful guy, and greets kindly anyone who walks by. Tim is always keeping an eye out for the right girl to become Mrs. Emerson and help him with his dreams for a family.

Tim next tackles clearing the rocks from his property. While clearing he finds some fossils, crystals, and precious stones to sell for some additional money. All of this will help him get started on his farm.

There was a special event happening in town the next day so Tim went down and hung out with some of the people he had met. Tim was getting to know many people from around town, but still no one that struck him as the right person for him.

That night Tim had the strangest dream in which a man in a trench coat, who was very pale and cold, came into his house and hypnotized him. He could feel that something worse was potentially going to happen when he woke with a fright and found everything has it had been.

His dreams the rest of the night were haunted with that pale cold figure, although this time, for some reason, he was cleaning up dirty dishes. When Tim’s alarm went off the next day he noticed the house seemed slightly cleaner, but Tim figured he must have just forgotten he had cleaned up. It had been a rough night of sleep.

Besides, Tim didn’t have time to worry about the house might have gotten cleaner, he had to go take care of the small garden he had forming. He would love to get this garden up to a large, flourishing farm, but that was going to take time, hard word, and patience. After taking care of the plants for the day and ensuring the land was still clear of any stray rocks, Tim decided to head up the coast for a bit.

He traveled to the lighthouse up the coast and visited the museum to learn a little more about the history of the surrounding area. As Tim watched out over the waves he thought back about his dreams and how strange they had seemed. Heading back towards home Tim realized he was a bit hungry and saw a local tavern was open.

Tim sided up to the bar and ordered a drink and some food. He chatted with some of the other locals and visitors of the bar while enjoying his food. Tim realized he had spent many more hours there then he intended to and excused himself to head home.

The night passed dreamlessly and uneventfully for Tim and the next morning was bright and sunny and found Tim in a wonderful mood, all thoughts from the strange dreams wiped from his memory. Tim whistled while he worked away on his garden and thought about fishing that afternoon.

Tim was finding his footing and his plants were starting to grown and flourish on their own. He was far from the size of garden he wanted, which should be at least 20 different types of plants, but everyone has to start somewhere. Even a great oak comes from a small seed. The only thing that could make Tim’s life any happier now was finding someone to share it with.

Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.02

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