EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.02

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Welcome back to a new update for this EPIC Tripp. If you are around the US and celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving to you. If you aren’t in the US then I still hope it’s a good day for you all. All right, let’s take a quick reminder at our goals for this generation.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So far Bonnie hasn’t joined the business career, having spent her first little bit as a YA going through the jungle and being on the look out for a sim somewhere to perhaps marry.

We start off with Bonnie visiting the bar.

Bonnie: ….well I guess blondes probably do have more fun.

She is not the nicest sim all the time and a bit oblivious to when someone is feeling a little down.

Back at home Bonnie gets herself a job in the business world and needs to study up on some logic, so Miranda helps her out.

Bonnie: Now if I am looking at this right……..REMINGTON NO!!

Miranda: What???? What’s he doing?

Bonnie: *quickly switches pieces* oh, nvm, that’s his scratching post

That’s right, this little fluff ball doesn’t do anything wrong, do you little Remington. You are just too cute little cat!

Anyway, back to the people of this household. Miranda is a bit stuck in her magic right now, so she starts working on practicing more. She also has decided on a new familiar, not that she still doesn’t have the owl, but a voodoo doll really seems to fit her better.

Once Abby gets home from work, the two of them watch a movie “together.” I’m not sure they could really be farther apart in this room. It’s pretty funny to me that this is how they watch the movie. You know there are 3 couches right in front of you right?

Miranda: You are not like the main character Abbs.

Abby: Well he was a boss just like me.

Miranda: Yes, but that’s where it ended. He was a guy for one, and evil. I’m more like him then you.

Yes eventually they do sit down to discuss the movie.

Thanks Ferdinando. At least we don’t have any toddlers or children to cry over the loss here. Still, it does get annoying to have to fix everything all the time. Oh well, so be it.

Bonnie, while getting through her morning chores, spends some time with Cornelius. He’s a very well behaved cow plant overall and loves pets from Bonnie. Not that that would save her if she ever tried to eat his cake.

After giving Cornelius, and the bees, some love for the morning Bonnie heads out to her first day at work. She looks quite nice in her work outfit, even if it doesn’t totally suit her all that well.

Bonnie: It’s constricting.

I figured that was the case. You like to be a lot more free.

While at work, Bonnie got a choice to hide paperwork showing people at the top were getting money funneled to them. Of course she decided to hide it, she wants to be one of those people some day. Plus, her mom’s organization might be behind part of that money.

We have a bit of a glitched bee hive that I end up having to reset. They were stuck in ‘enraged’ status, no matter how much we paid attention to them, and they didn’t get the option to treat for mites. Abby and Miranda take care of gathering wax and honey from the bees and selling off excess plants while Bonnie is at work.

There are a lot of hours before Abby heads to work and Bonnie comes home so these two head off to try and find us some more collectables. Miranda heads into the telescope to search the stars, and Abby heads off into space…..on her own search of the stars.

Bonnie is evil, but has a soft spot, it seems, for all things that aren’t people. Cornelius, the bees, and Remington is no exception. He was feeling lonely having been alone with Abby and Miranda doing their searches for the day.

After a very long day at work, Bonnie gets dolled up and heads out to the roof top lounge hoping to run into some fun young adults, instead there are a lot of elders around and a smattering of adults. No one really interests Bonnie so she finishes up her pretzel and goes home.

Bonnie decided she needs a little extra room in that work uniform and hops on the treadmill for a good run before work the next day. Miranda comes up to chat with her about making her a potion or a spell that would probably do the trick.

Later that evening Patchy is out and Frank comes over to visit. It’s Abby’s birthday tonight and we are going to throw a big party to celebrate. After Bonnie gets home from work we will start the party.

Bonnie comes home with a promotion this day! Way to go Bonnie! She is already an Assistant Manager, which brings her near halfway through. The next promotion is the halfway mark.

The party for Abby is a lot of fun and there are a lot of people there. We brought the honey cake the family made earlier with us and Abby is able to blow out the candles. Belle was even there to perform some entertainment.

Two sweet things happened during the party. Bonnie got to know her potential husband some more. He is cheerful, lazy, and a bro. She met a couple of other guys as well, but these two have a really high relationship already. Then Abby and Frank share some time together as well.

As the party begins to wrap up for the night Bonnie stays at the bar for a little bit longer and is greeted, in what is becoming a tradition of my ghosts, by nearly every ghost in the family coming to the bar. Bonnie is able to greet each one and then heads home.

It was a successful party and Bonnie has gotten a good start into the world of business and has found who she is likely to choose to share the rest of this challenge with. I’m excited to see how Bonnie does for the rest of the time, but for now we are going to wrap up this challenge. Just for fun here are a couple random pictures.

Belle somehow manages to make a snow angle in the bar itself. Maybe it’s ghost snow? It was rather funny to just watch her fall to the floor and then be in snow.

I played around with platforms a bit and gave the family a sunk in living room. There are still no walls, but it offers a nice separation from the other room. I really do like the platforms, even if they are a little finicky so far. All right, see you all next time.

Post 6.01 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 6.03

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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    1. Thanks, I really love this house overall, although it’s huge. The snow angel in the bar cracked me up. It is pretty “fun” especially since was a ghost.


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