Roots of Emerson: Heir Poll #1

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So I decided, with the kids as teens now that it was time to hold a poll to determine who is going to take over our Emerson family next generation. Hopefully, you are all caught up on the family’s updates and ready to choose an heir/ess. We’ve watched Tim and Kayla raise their three kids up to teens and now who will continue the challenge?

The next generation will see our heir/ess moving to a new town to start up a business. I haven’t decided if I will try retail or if I will send them into the business career, but if you want to comment on what you think I’ll take that into account. I also haven’t made up my mind about where they will move. Either way, they will be changing their aspiration to be a fortune aspiration, so whatever they get done on their aspiration as teens will be what they get, and if they finish fortune right away then we can move them back to it. So here are your choices:

Kevin Emerson:

Kevin is the eldest and since he has a teen aspiration he should be able to get a fortune one right after. He might be a decent choice for heir but I’m not entirely sure what I would have him do or where he would live. His gluttony trait makes me think some sort of food might not be a terrible idea (not a restaurant, but like a bakery or something) but feel free to let me know what you think.

Ryan Emerson:

Ryan has the mentally gifted trait from his child aspiration, so he will learn mental skills faster, which isn’t necessarily geared toward business-type stuff. He does currently have the City Life aspiration, which would make it a pretty easy choice to move to San Mychuno, however.

Jennifer Emerson:

The only one with the Socially gifted trait that will help her with that charisma building. I have no idea if I would run a store with her or put her into business, but I could see her possibly running a store. Her dog lover trait makes me feel like she should move to Brindleton, and maybe she sells pet stuff?

If you have ideas of what type of businesses you think your choice (or any of the choices) would run feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, cause I’m just not really sure. This poll will be open for 10 days (until the 16th), so get your votes in! I’m excited to see who is chosen as I don’t really have a favorite here. There will a poll also over at feel free to both in either or both polls.

Post 1.12 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.13

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2 thoughts on “Roots of Emerson: Heir Poll #1”

  1. I think Jennifer and Brindleton are a decent fit. She could maybe run a vet? But if that’s not an option, then a store selling pet supplies would be good. She could even make pet treats on the stove at home and sell those


    1. Oh that’s a cute idea. She has to run a retail store, so I don’t think it can be a vet (that’s a later generation) but I like the idea of learning/making the pet treats!


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