Roots of Emerson – Post 1.12

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The fall had been very uneventful for Tim Emerson’s family so far. While Tim continued with his garden, and Kayla with her job, the kids were growing and changing every day. With Kevin in high school now it seemed like everything was changing so fast.

The twins were getting older too and Kayla recognized that they would, within the next year, be joining their older brother in high school. It was hard for Kayla to believe her kids were getting so big, so she tried to give them anything they needed.

Even with them getting older, however, that didn’t mean they didn’t enjoy things like Spooky Day. All three of the kids enjoyed dressing up and Kevin took them around the neighborhood. Jennifer talked to just about everyone she could since she was still trying to finish up her social aspiration.

Kevin, unfortunately, had an encounter with the cowplant that left him shaken. Tim had always tried to teach his kids about the dangers that could be found near the cowplant, but Kevin apparently was lured by the cake anyway.

Tim is very proud of all his kids, but when Ryan came home with straight A’s it’s an extra proud moment for Tim and Kayla. They ultimately want their kids to be successful. Both, however, are still worried about Kevin. Not only does his fear of the dark seem to still plague him, after his encounter with the family cowplant, Kevin seems to have grown a fear of that as well.

Kayla does all she can to make sure her family is taken care of, even though they need her less and less. It’s important to her to keep home-cooked meals in the fridge, and it’s much easier than it used to be to make sure everything is fresh.

She also loves to help her kids with their school projects. A neighbor who has gotten to know Jennifer also helps out. This was helpful to Kayla as Tim was out fishing at the time.

Even though Kevin spends a lot of time with his computer club nowadays, the family still mostly sits down together for many meals. It may not be all of them all the time, but it’s nice for Tim and Kayla to talk with their kids about their days.

It’s not just the family that has been growing and changing. There are new chicks being hatched as well. Kayla was super happy to be able to help hatch one of them one night after work.

Tim had managed to add an extra room to the house to give Kevin his own room, but often they can still find him hanging out with his siblings in their room. He often goes in and works on his homework while his siblings do.

Seasons come and go and life continues on much like normal for Tim in the garden. It hasn’t gotten a lot bigger, but Tim is still searching for plants to add. It’s getting harder and harder to find new ones.

Kayla continues to run and work out. She is getting closer and closer to completing the bodybuilder aspiration. She has not been focused on her work as much as she would like, having been focused more on the kids, but she feels it is time to buckle down.

Both Jennifer and Kevin have also been bringing home straight A’s, making Tim and Kayla very happy. The twins are getting very close to joining Kevin in high school and they are glad their kids are good students and hope it sets them up for good things in the future.

With Jennifer continuing to want to meet people and complete her aspiration she started up an afterschool club for other students who felt similar. She also invited her brother, even though he wasn’t really working on making friends at the same level she was.

With all the people Jennifer has tried to get to know it means there are a lot more people that occasionally stop by to visit. Kayla isn’t really sure how much she likes all the random people, but Kevin was quick to assure her that he keeps his eye on Jennifer and the people she talks with.

Ryan did manage to complete his aspiration, and he decided, since he was already in the club, to try his hand at social. The chances he would make it was slim, but he figured he could try.

Jennifer began to be interested in the chickens and starts to try and take care of them herself. Tim did catch one of Jennifer’s club members playing with the cowplant and was quick to put a few rules into place about the cowplant and what the kids need to be sure to tell their friends.

Tim was able to save up some money to spruce up Kevin’s room a bit. He is still working on a small tablet computer, but Kevin says it’s fine. Tim would like to be able to get Kevin something better though. Maybe one of his siblings could use the tablet.

Another Harvestfest comes around and the family enjoys the festivities together. Tim was even able to get up some quick decorations on the house for the holiday. Kayla worked with the kids to create a wonderful dinner and they couldn’t believe next Harvestfest the kids would all be in high school.

Tim continues to work on fishing. He found it quite pleasant to fish near his house and often met many other neighbors or people traveling around while fishing. It was right on a walking path so many people came by.

Jennifer finally wrapped up her aspiration before her birthday which made her very happy. She went ahead and decided to see how far she could get with her mental aspiration like her brother did before.

Kevin has started learning how to shave and it makes Tim realize just how close to adulthood his kids are getting. There still may be some years left, but it’s coming quickly and Tim truly needs to start talking to the kids about who will take over the farm once he has to stop.

Before anyone was really ready, it was Ryan and Jennifer’s birthday. They threw a big birthday bash and both kids got presents and Kayla baked a special cake for the occasion.

After both kids blew out their candles Tim and Kayla couldn’t believe it. They had 3 teenagers. They knew Ryan and Jennifer would want to get new clothes and looks so after the party they took them out to find things they needed. For now, their room will stay the same, but Tim wants to update that as well soon.

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