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Welcome back to the Latte house. The last time we visiting Halix got engaged to the handsome Easton Wilde and was ready to start her time as the bearer of lettered children. Zophi managed to max her culinary career and Harvey just needs a little more time.

So let’s hop right in. We’ve all been invited to the wedding anyway, so we are going to head right to the park (that I didn’t realize wasn’t the one I wanted until we were there.)

The entire family was invited, everyone Halix knew. You can see Oxkar, Pixey, Zax, and Ixael of course. Zophi and Harvey are obviously there, but then we also had Nick, Vince, Kendra, Yenifer, Kevin, Zelphi, Opal, Orion, and Christine. I don’t think Zorah made it, and I don’t think Halix knew Isla or Ember enough to invite them, and I know she didn’t know Yuri.

While it was a cold wedding day the wedding was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun for everyone. There was chatting and hugging, the vampires mostly stayed indoors of course, and lots of drinking and some eating.

This, however, has to be one of my favorite pictures. Vince is apparently THAT GUY at a wedding, having not dressed up at all. His dad, Kevin, looks annoyed and like he wants to sink into the floor. Pixey and Ixael don’t look impressed either, and Vince doesn’t seem like he cares for their judgement. Everyone else just ignores him. It’s just like a real life wedding.

A moment together for the happy couple. I already love these two and am so happy for them. Of course, when the party wound down we got the message about moving them together. I said yes, the window went away and everyone started to head home and Easton was not a part of the household. Second time that has happened in this save.

Luckily once everyone went home we just invited Easton over to the house and asked him to join the household and he moved into the beach house with his wife. I have been debating if I leave the other Wilde guys here, and I think I will just for fun.

So Easton, as we mentioned before, wants to be a bodybuilder. That is his aspiration, so he heads to the gym to get that first milestone out of the way. In the background I spy other Latte’s.

Sure enough Oxkar is there and looked like he was giving Pixey some pointers on the treadmill, and Zax is talking with Ember, who is pregnant again you might remember. Gotta love when you travel to another town and 1/2 the family is there too. With a family as big as the Latte’s though this isn’t surprising.

I decided, since he didn’t have a job when he first came in, that we would put Easton into the astronaut career. That seems like it would suit a body builder aspiration. His work task was to play some chess, so he sat down with his new father in law to play.

Halix has been slacking a bit on her music aspiration, so she practices the guitar for a bit. She eventually gets to level 6, which is a check mark on her way to completing the next milestone.

Then we get the news that the wedding night fun resulted in the future baby H being conceived. Halix is thrilled, Zophi will be thrilled, but what will the father to be think?

He’s surprised but not upset by the news. After all, Halix explained there were going to be at least 5 kids. Now there is currently room for 3 sims in this house, and with this family, we know that could mean multiples, but we will see what happens.

This was completely autonomous and absolutely sweet as hell. These two are a very sweet couple and I’m so happy I brought the Wilde’s in to meet Halix.

Halix goes to tell her dad the good news as well and it’s more hugs all around. This family LOVES to hug. I’ve had kids go around hugging their parents when they are kids, but this family hugs each other all the time.

I didn’t realize this update was going to get so sugary sweet, I swear I didn’t, but don’t you just love them? Harvey is studying his opponents, for work, and he appeared to be explaining things to Zophi who had brought her breakfast over to sit with her husband.

Easton might want to be a body builder, but he isn’t one yet. Maybe you shouldn’t put the treadmill up quite that high Easton. I’m surprised you didn’t get a face carpet burn from landing with your face on the belt.

He might be partially a green cloud of stink, but we send him out to get to know his brother-in-law and have him help with the school project. He still needs logic skills, and this is a logical school project.

Ember had another boy. Mikel has been born and we will see him grow up later. I’m happy for Ember she seems to be doing well.

Nick randomly came by, just walked into the house, said something to an empty bed, stood around a bit and then left. It was a little weird. I’m a bit worried about Nick, hope things are ok at home.

Breakfast and conversation, one of this family’s bread and butter interactions. They do love to sit at this bar and chat with each other. I really should upgrade the counters at some point. *spoiler: I have not.*

Easton leaves for his first shift as an astronaut. He has all he needs in order to get a promotion, but I doubt he’s had enough time to get one, but we will see. His uniform at the moment is interesting.

Halix, however, did get a promotion and this was the branching one, so we choose music of course. Halix doesn’t need to try and become a comedian.

We keep having to rearrange things in the house….it’s starting to feel like they need a bigger lot, but it also feels like we JUST moved into this house. We’ll see what I end up doing, but we managed to find room for a keyboard for Halix to work on piano.

I love multi-tasking, like having a glass of milk while you get some hydration up. Why not have your milk while you hydrate? It is pretty funny though.

It’s Winterfest again and the Latte’s go all out. They spend the morning decorating the tree, and then they invite as much family as they can over to celebrate with them while Zophi cooks up a lovely turkey dinner. We had Isla, and Oxkar, Kevin and Kendra, even Yuri showed up and participated.

Yuri even took a little time to visit his parents graves and mourn them for a bit, as did Kendra (Kevin’s oldest if you can’t remember.) It was very sweet, and seems that Yuri might have mellowed out a bit in his elder years.

Once presents were opened and everyone left for the day Ixael went into his room and did his homework. Such a good kid. His birthday will be here soon, but I think I can call his A at least 3 days old now. Halix spent some time with her guitar, and even her mom came down and listened to her.

To give Zophi something new to do in her elder years, especially while we eagerly wait the first grand baby, we got Zophi a cupcake machine. I’ve never played with it, but might as well see if we can get her baking up.

Ember’s oldest son has grown into a child, so we’ll have to go take a look at him at the end of this update. This family has gotten so big! If you haven’t looked at it you can check out the Family Tree in the link at the top or bottom of this entry and just see how much it’s grown.

And all of this can only mean Baby H is on the way. We send Halix to the hospital with Easton, who of course just sits in the waiting room on the “expensive furniture” as his moodlet said and waited for the baby to be born. I don’t think I’ve had a single father (or spouse) go into the delivery room.

It’s only 1, and it’s a little girl. We name her Hjordis, which is apparently norse for something akin to swords woman. I might have that kind of wrong, but I want to get that J out of the way next, and this adds a few more letters too. I’m excited to see what she looks like as she grows up.

With that we will wrap up this entry as it’s getting a little long. Next time we will see how these guys fair with the baby and we will see Ixael grow up and move out as well. I will miss having him around. Hopefully we will also get Harvey to the top of his career.

Before I got, here is a quick look at Ember and Juan’s eldest son, Ethan. He’s a cutie and appears to be a good mix of his parents. He has the Child of the Ocean trait, which seems to fit a merman pretty well.

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