EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.04

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Hello hello and welcome back to EPIC Tripp! I hope you are doing well and I am excited to show you what is happening with the family. Last time we had Frank join the family, breaking the matriarchy. Abby and Zygo worked on their careers and Lara worked on her aspiration.

Let’s take a look at what is left on this generation, or what it brings going forward from this generation on.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

All right, so we need to get Abby to the top of the Criminal career, give Frank the evil trait at some point (I’ve debated if I roll and if he happens to get evil great, and otherwise I’ll give it to him as a YA, or if I should start with the Evil trait.) Well let’s get started.

We begin with Lara’s friend, Cleo, inviting her out to karaoke. Lara goes and has a good time singing with her friend, and a couple of solo’s when Cleo went to take a nap.

Abby finally reached her branching promotion and of course we too the path towards boss. After all, how is she supposed to influence the boss to make Miranda a start without being close to the boss, or being the boss herself.

Before sending Lara home from karaoke, Lara checks out the boxes sitting around to see if she can find some snow globes. She does, in fact, find two of them and neither are ones we already had.

Zygo works on getting us a new sugar skull when the offering he gives is accepted, and after some chit chat and general friendliness he gets one, and it’s a new one! We only have 3 more to get.

Abby: Miranda, I have told you, I can’t just tell them to give you better parts, I have to earn some points with the boss.

Miranda: Give me a moment.

Miranda: Arrrgg…..she promised… me… I… would… be… a… star!

Miranda: Ok, I will do another commercial, but if I don’t get a part in a show or a movie soon….

Abby: I’ve been talking you up, they know who you are now.

Miranda: I better be, and once you become boss you better give me all the best parts.

This cow plant probably needs a name.

Miranda: His name is Cornelius and he’s a good boy isn’t he???? Yes he is.

Well ok, I’m not sure I will remember Cornelius, but ok.

Belle still visits often and is happy to see her granddaughter. They share a lovely hug, and while I know I will have to let Lara join Belle in the after life before too much longer I am not ready to face it quite yet.

Frank needs to get his thinking up a little bit more so he plays with his blocks for a bit. He’s a good kid, and his work on skills is progressing.

Abby needed to do mean interactions with someone, so when a litterbug came onto their lot I sent her out. When she threatened the girl her face was pretty priceless. Abby then told her to go away.

Frank asked Miranda to do flash cards with him. So she sat down and did it. Frank is basically even on most of his skills at this point.

These two are so sweet, I love them. Zygo has gotten another promotion at work, although I missed the notification he only needs 2 more promotions. He does have his needed breakthroughs.

Hard to believe, but it’s already Frank’s birthday. Frank managed to get all of his skills and will get the happy toddler trait. Abby is there to help him blow out his candles.

Frank is now a child. I decided to give him Evil as the first trait so that way anything he rolls in the future won’t contradict the evil trait. He also is going for Whiz Kid as his aspiration.

Lara is still working on the final level of her aspiration. She has been boxing or working with this guy every day to try and get that leveled up.

Frank plays some chess with his grandpa which helps him work the first milestone of his aspiration. He will also need to be read with, but for now getting the chess games will be great.

The day of Miranda’s commercial comes and she needs to practice acting. It doesn’t matter that this actress was using the mirror, Miranda needs it, so she just takes it.

Then it’s time to head into hair and make up. It’s our usual hair stylist and the first time she does her hair it’s a disaster. Miranda tells her she is not happy about it, and so she redoes it and is relieved when this time it comes out perfectly.

Then it’s into wardrobe, where things go without issue. The last time we had to wear this dress Miranda was very pregnant and this time they don’t have to work to get her into it nearly as hard.

Miranda decides she probably needs to keep these two near her, and wants them as part of her permanent team. She may not always be the nicest, but she promises she will more than make it worth their time.

Frank works on his homework, and he has joined the scouts as well. He is working his way slowly through the aspiration so far.

We start by having grandma read him some stories, but discover it doesn’t count. Looking at the requirement it’s to have an ADULT read to him for 2 hours. Apparently elders don’t count, which is just silly.

Miranda finally gets an audition for a roll in a movie. She needs to be fit, so she works hard on the treadmill at home. Soon she has her fitness to a level that will be acceptable for the movie.

Abby comes home with a new promotion and she is now a getaway driver. That means she is up to level 7 in the career and only needs 3 more levels. She is working on level 8 mischief.

More games of chess out of the way and not only has Frank raised his mental skill, but we have already reached the initial milestone and get to work on the next milestone. Abby also is able to work her mischief with Frank, who laughs at her.

It’s someone’s birthday today….who could it be?

Why it’s Abby’s adult birthday. Miranda had her birthday a bit ago, but we didn’t remember in time to make her a cake. Luckily she didn’t mind, and Abby blows out her candles.

Kiana seems to have mostly forgiven Miranda for having a boy, and they chat along with Frank in the kitchen.

Kiana: Frank is a sweet boy and there still may be time to keep the line intact.

I am sure there will be Kiana, but Frank will be a good heir if it comes to that.

With that I believe this update has probably gotten long enough and we will wrap up this update. Miranda did get her part in the movie and we will see how she does with that next time.

Post 5.03 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 5.05

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