EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.10

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It’s time again to visit with the Tripp’s and thanks for joining me! I’m excited to bring you this update, and with it we are nearing the end of this generation. So last time Bonnie grew up into a lovely teen, the family took a trip to Granite Falls, and Miranda topped the acting career.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So Abby chose criminal, has topped criminal, and both her kids, Frank and Bonnie, have gotten Evil as a trait. That means we are only waiting for Bonnie to grow up to YA to move to the next generation. That won’t happen this update, but probably next update. So let’s get going.

With Bonnie’s archeology aspiration she works on uncovering more of the artifacts that Lindsey, and probably Lara, brought home in their respective jungle adventures. We will need to take some trips soon.

Frank comes over and hangs out and he helps Bonnie with her school project. She really only needs to get an A at this point and then I will probably send her out to the jungle to get work on her aspiration.

It’s Firework day, which is probably why Frank was over, and so the family is actually around late enough to set off fireworks together and I get to see what they look like.

Abby continues to slowly work on the sugar skulls. We only need 3 more to complete the collection, but sadly we aren’t having much luck in getting new ones. You would think with Abby’s pull and influence she might be able to get them to give her a new one, but alas.

The firepit that we started out with Kiana and Johnny with is still around, and is still occasionally used. Abby needed to grill up some beetles for her aspiration, but then can’t eat them because of the vegetarianism. So she puts them in the fridge and Bonnie makes herself a marshmallow before school.

Miranda is heading back to the magic realm and is getting better at the flying on things. The mop doesn’t try to shake her off or flatten her and she lands gracefully by the portal.

After some work Miranda is able to finally learn some practical magic to go along with her untamed magic and then heads off for more supplies. It’s slow going since I haven’t played this before and am not completely sure what I’m doing, but it’s been fun.

Bonnie is excited to be one badge away from Llamacorn Scout, all she needs is the get fit badge. That shouldn’t be too hard to get done here soon.

So off to the treadmill she heads. I am really proud of her make-over. She just feels to me like a girl who just threw her hair up in a clip and got into work out clothes to stay in shape. It’s not long before she gets her badge and she gets a job as a Retail Clerk.

Miranda practices her magic and one of the new spells she was able to learn is Repario. That means she is starting to go around repairing anything that is broken.

Bonnie returns from school with the A she needed. She has now completed all the things she needed to as an heir and we are just waiting for her birthday. I would like to send her to the jungle, but that won’t happen quite yet.

First we are sending Abby out to the forest. There she is finally able to complete the insect collection by catching the final insects she needs (and swiping the mantis from the lodge, although we did see one, just couldn’t reach it in time.) She also finds the last 3 forest plants, and is able to identify them.

While in the forest we get word that Frank got married. This is exciting as I was wondering if he would end up married or not.

Here we have displayed our completed insect collection. We haven’t received the plaque just yet, but I will probably hang it over by the frogs one which is just on the other side of the deck from these. I have just a few things left to find for 3 of the collections, so I’m very excited to have these done.

The pool is getting a fair amount of use at the moment. First Bonnie and then Abby head out for a swim. Bonnie also catches some rays in the late afternoon sun and becomes sun-kissed.

Miranda has gotten a new level of magic, and so she is able to read additional spell and potion books. She also got a magic package in the mail with some ingredients. I will need to send her to the magic realm again soon.

Before I do we have Miranda work a potion, which doesn’t go so well for her. It turns into a brown oozing sludge and makes her pass out. Luckily she is just fine.

Bonnie works on her boxing skills, you can see she has developed a bit of a pooch she would like to get rid of. She doesn’t want to rely solely on her mothers influence to make it on her own. She knows a beautiful girl can get a lot of what she wants just by being beautiful and she intends to stay that way.

Frank called Bonnie and asked if she wanted to join him at a club. She said yes, and when we got there we discovered nearly every one of their ancestors was there. Bonnie was able to meet Kiana and Johnny, Francis (Belle was the only one not in attendance, but Bonnie has met her before), Lindsey and Ferdinando, and Lara and Zygo (who were both gone before she was born.)

Back at home, Bonnie starts the process of bonding with the bees. She’s going to need to be bonded with them some so she can go about taking care of the garden. Our final forest plants are planted, and it leaves us with 2 plants left. The UFO plant and then the forbidden fruit, which we need to finish the magic tree first.

Frank is back visiting and hanging out while Bonnie works on some homework. She has the A, but she has multiple days before she grows up still and we don’t want to drop back down. Abby helps her with the homework.

The romance festival is around again and I send the whole family there. Frank’s wife meets him there, and this gives you a decent look at Selena. She’s cute. Bonnie takes a little time to talk with her.

Bonnie and Abby spar together with the sparring buddy, which is such a weird little machine…… still, it’s good they are both still trying to be healthy.

Miranda continues to study her magic tomes. She will randomly stop to laugh an evil laugh between pages.

Miranda: With this tome I will be able to make anyone fall in love with me.

Miranda, you already have Abby

Miranda: And?

Um….you actually love her, and she made you the star she said she would.

Miranda: Yes, I didn’t say I would fall in love with them, but that I could make people fall in love with me. I could make myself a star now.

But you are already a star.

Miranda: Bonnie then, I could make Bonnie a star.

That isn’t what Bonnie is destined for. Although I’m sure you could help her with her path as well.

I said a couple of entries go I was thinking it was time to get Abby a cat, and right towards the end of my play session I realized I still hadn’t done that. So the family starts the process of adopting a cat.

This adorable little fuzz ball, who is just too cute for words, is named Remington. He is a friendly kitten who is frisky and clever. I think he is going to be a great addition to this family.

Remington is named for the Remington shotgun favored by Bonnie during her crime spree with Clyde Barrow.

Remington is already fitting in so nicely and is such a good cat. I’m excited to see what sorts of shenanigans he is going to get up to with this family. This feels like the perfect place to wrap up this update. Next time we should see Bonnie grow up and take over for the next generation, and we will see if we can complete any more collections. Thanks for spending time with me at the Tripp’s!

Post 5.09 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 5.11

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